Posted: 05 May 2021

Deloitte may be a global brand, but they never lose sight of individual employees, of their aspirations and desires.

Hrushikesh, Senior Consultant on the Salesforce team, shares his career journey, which included a stopover in the UK.

Hello, my name is Hrushikesh and I joined the German Salesforce team as a Senior Consultant in December of 2018.
Nevertheless, Deloitte as well as the Salesforce team aren’t new to me. Before I moved to Germany, I worked for Deloitte India for 5 years. Get to know more about my career journey in my blog. 

Deloitte may be a global brand, but they never lose sight of individual employees, of their aspirations and desires.

In 2018 you moved to Germany to support the German Salesforce team. What an exciting story! Tell us about your career journey.
I have been part of the Deloitte family since 2013. After five years working for Deloitte India, I had an opportunity to work on the client side in the United Kingdom. Working directly with client teams was a challenge, but also immensely rewarding. While in the UK, I cooperated with Deloitte in Germany. I was immediately attracted by Germany’s working culture and environment, and the contacts I established ultimately led me to take the plunge and transfer to a client facing role in Germany.

How has your experience living and working Germany been thus far?
I definitely experienced a bit of culture shock when I arrived in December of 2018. For example, one thing I didn’t appreciate beforehand is that the Germans are very process driven. It took some time to adapt to this approach, but it has been a huge growth experience. If course, learning German is not without its difficulties, but exposure to German culture, which I have grown to love, has been immensely enriching. The Germans have an excellent work–life balance and Germany is a great country to raise a family. I can easily imagine staying here into retirement.

What do you like best about Deloitte Germany as an employer?
Deloitte may be a global brand, but they never lose sight of individual employees, of their aspirations and desires. Higher-ups in India and Germany were supportive from day one when I expressed my desire to transfer to Deloitte Germany. The interview process was extremely smooth, and my colleagues in Germany were incredibly supportive when it came to making the process of moving and getting acclimated to my new working environment a pleasant one.

In your opinion, what type of employee should consider transferring abroad, as you have?
If you are interested in a client-facing role, or are compelled by the consulting side of the work, you should definitely consider a transfer abroad. Individuals who have a knack for translating technical subject matter into the language of business are sure to do particularly well.

When you think about the Deloitte Salesforce teams India and Germany, which differences come to mind?
At Deloitte India we were particularly focused on deliverables. The India team has well defined practices, which have been perfected over time in many projects around the globe.

At Deloitte Germany, one key difference is the client-facing nature of the work, which has its own unique challenges.

Another difference is that the team headcount in India is much larger. Because of the smaller team sizes in Germany, there is a greater likelihood of playing multiple roles in project.

On what kind of projects do you work, and what are your primary tasks as Senior Consultant?
In Germany I consult directly with clients to fulfill their Salesforce requirements. As Senior Consultant, I am the link between the client and the offshore/nearshore team. I have to communicate the project requirements to the technical team, and translate technical issues into the client’s language. As I have a technical background, I also work as a system architect.

What advice would you give to someone joining an international team?
Moving to a new country invariably means change, which you should welcome and embrace. With a bit of flexibility, you will not only adapt quicker, but also come to greatly appreciate the new culture and working environment.

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