Posted: 20 Apr. 2022

Over the years, music has taught me to keep the fires of passion burning slowly, in order to stay motivated over the long haul.

Berthold, Senior Manager in Consulting at Deloitte Digital, loves to make electronic music.

Hi, I’m Berthold, Senior Manager in Consulting at Deloitte Digital.
My passion is making electronic music and performing with my band. The creativity required to produce and perform music is a valuable asset in my work as a consultant.  

Over the years, music has taught me to keep the fires of passion burning slowly, in order to stay motivated over the long haul.

In addition to your full-time job, you’re also a passionate musician. How did you get into making music?
When I was 14 years old, my parents gave me a Casio keyboard for my birthday – probably the best gift I’ve ever received. After wearing down the keys my interest gradually turned to more elaborate musical equipment. However, it was not until some years later, while at university and in love with Depeche Mode, that I developed my talents further and got serious about making music.

What type of music do you make?
I’m passionate about making electronic music. However, my band performs a range of genres, mainly pop. I have also collaborated with some rock bands.

Tell us more about your band!
Over the years in Spain, I was in many bands. However, I am currently in a cover band for The Cure. We recently expanded our range of songs to Depeche Mode, so I couldn’t be happier! We rehearse remotely; I am in Germany while everyone else is in Spain. However, this remote collaboration works well. The gig itself is just one more rehearsal, we always say. Our most recent concert in Madrid last November was sold out – it was quite incredible.

How does making music shape you as a person and your everyday work at Deloitte Digital?
Music gives me an amazing sense of purpose; there is simply nothing like performing for a live audience. Over the years, I think music has taught me to keep the fires of passion burning slowly, in order to stay motivated over the long haul. Preparing for a concert, for example, takes many hours of practice – and once you take the stage, it’s all over in 90 minutes. But the time investment is well worth it.

How do you manage to always “strike the right note” in both worlds?
Preparation is key, like everything in life. Furthermore, persevering is much easier when your motivations are genuine. Recurring nightmares about making mistakes – whether at work, or on stage – might be unavoidable. Fortunately, our worst fears are usually just that – phantasms that soon dissipate.

Do you listen to music while working?
Outside of meetings, I usually have music playing in the background. Film soundtracks and jazz music are often a good accompaniment to work activities. When concentration is not required, however, I definitely prefer something a bit harder.

Where do you find the inspiration for your compositions?
My compositions usually start with a melody in my head. From there, the rest develops organically. But certainly, the creativity that goes into making music – or solving a problem at work – can be a bit mysterious. Ultimately, seeing your vision become reality is a very rewarding process, whether in music or in the workplace.

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