Posted: 20 Apr. 2022

Going digital is no longer a question of strategy, but rather of compliance.

Andrea, a Consultant for Supply Chain & Network Operations, talks about her work at Deloitte, including the growing importance of sustainability for enterprise performance.

Hi, I’m Andrea and I help companies to optimize their processes, particularly in relation to supply-chain sustainability.
At Deloitte, I can make a real impact on client organizations. I also appreciate the tremendous opportunities offered by Deloitte for personal and professional growth.



Going digital is no longer a question of strategy, but rather of compliance.

Tell us about yourself and your job at Deloitte.
My name is Andrea and I was born and lived in Palma de Mallorca until I moved to Valencia to study pharmacy. While at university, I participated in various Erasmus exchange programs, which were very enriching. After completing my degree I decided to continue my studies in Berlin; I was drawn to its international atmosphere, as well as Germany’s status as a leader in pharmaceuticals. After finishing a degree in business, I initially worked as a health sciences consultant, and I joined Deloitte six months ago. I currently work as a consultant in the Supply Chain & Network Operations team, specialized in the segment of health sciences and sustainability. Currently, my projects are focused on process optimization at e-health companies, in order to make healthcare more accessible to patients.

How would you describe your path to Deloitte?
The normal path for someone studying pharmaceutical sciences is to end up working at a pharmacy. However, I always wanted more than that. I wanted to be in contact with decision-makers, in order to have a bigger impact on the industry. This led me to branch out and study business administration. My curiosity for new subjects was a major asset during my studies in business. I have a passion for learning new things and tackling problems. Accordingly, Deloitte is the perfect employer. The challenges I confront in this dynamic job are always varied. I am continuously learning new things, because no two projects are the same.

What issues or topics do you deal with in your daily work?
The pharmaceutical industry is a bit of a straggler in the digital revolution. While great lip-service is paid to innovation, as a whole the industry is technologically outdated. Fear of upsetting the status quo is of course understandable in any industry, but regulatory bodies such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are now requiring change. In this way, going digital is no longer a question of strategy, but rather of compliance. Actors in the pharmaceutical industry need a business partner like Deloitte to help them adopt new systems. I help companies to automate their processes, in order to streamline operations as well as comply with regulatory requirements.

In recent years, the pressure from the German government to digitize healthcare has been increasing. For example, from 2022 onward companies that dispense pharmaceutical products must be equipped to receive and manage electronic prescriptions. Deloitte fulfills an essential role in this regard, helping pharmacies to comply with new regulatory rules.

You help clients to adopt supply-chain innovations. How important is sustainability in this context?
Studies indicate that 90% of environmental impacts arise in supply chains. Understandably, therefore, companies have been facing increasing pressure from investors, consumers, employees, and regulators to ensure their products and services are sustainable. 

In particular, the German government passed a law in 2021 that requires companies to fulfill due diligence requirements when sourcing materials or products. Deloitte helps companies to identify compliance options and advises them as they transition to more sustainable business models.

Businesses are striving to become more sustainable. How does this topic influence the work of your team?
Sustainability has become an important aspect of corporate strategic planning. Many companies now release sustainability data in their financial statements; others go one step further by publishing corporate sustainability reports. As sustainability is a new domain for many companies there is a strong need for associated consulting expertise. Deloitte is actively seeking to attract talent in this area in order to serve the demand of this niche market.

How will sustainability shape the supply chains of the future?
The supply chains of the future will either be sustainable or they will cease to exist. In addition to ever-more stringent regulatory requirements, the pressure on companies to ensure the sustainability of their supply chains is growing on all sides. Employees – especially millennials – are increasingly choosing to work for companies that embody their values. At the same time, companies with sustainable practices tend to have lower employee turnover.

What do you like most about your job? And why should one consider applying to Deloitte?
I am passionate about my job for three reasons. First, at Deloitte I can explore new subjects and integrate my new-found knowledge into my day-to-day work. In this connection, Deloitte provides employees with numerous options for professional development.

Second, Deloitte is highly flexible as an employer, offering various opportunities for remote work. You can work from anywhere in Germany and the projects are often highly international.

Third, the camaraderie among Deloitte employees is unsurpassed. The Deloitte team is full of talented individuals who are always willing to give their colleagues a helping hand. I am always looking forward to seeing my co-workers.

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