Posted: 08 Feb. 2023

We have to teach AI to be more human – and of course, that includes half the population, which is women.

Sandra, partner in Deloitte’s AI & data team, helps her clients solve today’s problems, but also points them toward the future.

Hi, my name is Sandra. I joined Deloitte Germany in 2016, today I am a partner for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data offering within the consulting team.
Our team focuses on AI, big data, data management, and cloud analytics. Our main goal is it to make the future of our clients less uncertain. How we do that? I will be happy to tell you in my blog.

We have to teach AI to be more human – and of course, that includes half the population, which is women.

Hi Sandra! Certainly, many of us aren’t very familiar with the term “Artificial intelligence & Data”. So, first, of all: which topics does your team deal with?
Transformation needs to happen in many companies. They no longer can apply the old rules, because the markets are changing very fast. We equip companies with the tools they need to respond quickly to challenges ahead. Therefore, we utilize analytics solutions in the areas of business intelligence with big data, advanced analytics, and AI on cloud data platforms.

What do you like most about your job and what is your personal motivation behind it?
With two decades of experience in analytics and business intelligence, I am still excited about new engagements, new technologies, and implementing AI-related use cases for our clients in different industries across the globe. For me, it’s especially satisfying to see that technology makes a real impact for my clients. To give you an example: We went live with our first AI use case on a big data platform that we implemented, and the head of statistics actually said, ‘Now, I can finally verify the complete model based on all data sets available that that we’re using for predictions.’ Statements like this motivate me enormously!

How did you know that a career in AI & Data is the right path for you?
I originally come from a background in technology and business, but I didn’t want to be pushed into one specific direction. I wanted to be open and flexible in choosing which paths to take and focusing on analytics cross-industry allowed me to do exactly that. And very early on, I decided that I wanted to have a job that entails both, the business and the technology side in a hybrid environment. This approach has guided me throughout my whole career and brought me to the point where I am today and where I am very happy!

Nevertheless, women are still understated in the field of AI & Data – although it is one of the most important topics in the future. What is needed to increase the percentage of women?
AI definitely will have a strong impact in helping make the world a better place. I am sure about this, but that depends on bringing more women into the field and deploying their abilities to make AI more human-facing. I think that going forward, the main differentiator that we have in the workspace, is that we need to be more human. As a woman, I still see the bias, of course. A minority of researchers are women, so we have to amp up on that side. We have to teach AI to be more human – and of course, that includes half the population, which is women. With more women in AI, the developed solutions for our clients will be more aligned with trends in wider society, including diversity and inclusion. I think it brings a lot of value to our clients, and to us as a company, to focus on that more, going forward!

To what extent does Deloitte support women who are interested in a career with technology focus?
I am particularly proud of the role that diversity plays at Deloitte. I deliberately chose Deloitte as an employer because of its values, and I see them being lived in our organization daily. But of course, there is still room for improvement. We do have education sessions, mentorships and recently started the ‘ImRemarkable’ workshop series for our company with Google. There is big progress and lots of opportunities to step up the game. 

What is your personal advice to all talents interested in a career in AI?
Find a good mentor, find a good company with a brand with values that you can identify with, start small, and never stop being curious to learn about new technologies!

More personal stories from inspiring women at Deloitte can be found on our ‘Women in AI’-website. If you’re interested in joining our team, find out more about your career opportunities in the German AI & Data team.

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