Posted: 12 Dec. 2022

It is important to create a space where everyone can grow and develop, where they can make mistakes but can also speak up.

Sabrina, Tanja, and Huyen are female leaders within the Salesforce Talent Group and talk about the Women in Tech campaign at Deloitte Digital.

Hi, we are Sabrina, Tanja, and Huyen and we are part of the “Women in Tech” campaign at Deloitte Digital. Women in Tech at Deloitte have the opportunity to fulfill various roles in the Salesforce Talent Group. This can be anything, from technical driven roles like solution architect to more functional responsibilities as a project manager. For whatever role women want to go for, they receive the support of our whole team. As female managers and senior managers in the area of technology consulting we know what it takes to be successful in this field. In the following interview we share some insights with you.

It is important to create a space where everyone can grow and develop, where they can make mistakes but can also speak up.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Hi, my name is Sabrina and I have been with Deloitte Digital for 3 years. In my spare time I am a nature enthusiast and a yoga teacher with an excitement for incorporating mindfulness into the workplace. I’m a manager at Deloitte Digital (Salesforce) focused on system rollout management & recruiting.

Hello, my name is Tanja and I started at Deloitte as an intern in 2013. After my degree I joined Deloitte as a business analyst. Today, about 8 years later, I am a manager within the Salesforce Talent Group. My main focus is in the area of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, automation and improvement of customer journeys and communications.

Hi everyone, my name is Huyen and I am also a member of the Salesforce Talent Group within Deloitte Digital. In addition to my position as a senior manager leading digital transformation programs, I am genuinely passionate about traveling and new food experience.

How does the Salesforce Talent Group and your team support you as a “Woman in Tech” to be successful?
There are so many opportunities in our talent group: from focusing on technology and architecture to project- and process management right up to rollout and training. Therefore I’m grateful that our leadership team has supported me to find my focus areas in this diverse tech environment.

In addition female strengths such as empathy and social intelligence are seen and highly valued in our team. And I really appreciate the freedom to work on soft skill topics and diversity projects internally.

Since my start at Deloitte the people and the team spirit were the most important factor in my daily work. Today, in my role as a manager, it is even more important to have great, supportive and motivated team members to deliver client projects as well as internal development topics.

No matter which projects, challenges or tasks you have on hand, if your team collaborates well and support each other, you can manage everything. It is important to create a space where everyone can grow and develop, where they can make mistakes but can also speak up. Mistakes are human and nobody is perfect, but if each team member – including me - gives their best every day to improve and is eager to learn new things, that provides you with a great working environment.

My team supports me to get better everyday and to be successful as a project manager and a leader! At least equally important is the support of my managers. It´s one of the most important factors for me to be successful. No matter what idea or suggestion for improvement I come up with, there is always an open ear.

What drives you?
First of all I always love to identify new areas and challenges for learning, growing and finding creative solutions. As consulting is a people’s business, there are great colleagues, clients and partners all over the world I can connect to and from whom I can learn. And the opportunity to drive digital transformation and to develop solutions is what really motivates me.

My driver at work is to continuously improve the knowledge and skills of both myself and my team and to find (new) perfect-fit solutions for our clients together. Especially in the area of leadership skills there is always potential to grow and you should never stop learning. That’s why I always try to listen, act, learn and repeat in order to get a little bit better everyday.

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