13 - 15 Apr.

Deloitte Center for Process Bionics (CPB) @Celosphere 2021

The world’s largest online gathering for process mining enthusiasts

Tuesday, 09:00 a.m.
Event language: English

Online Event |  13-15 April 2021

About the conference

Celosphere is the world’s largest conference for data-driven business process transformation, hosted by process mining market leader Celonis.

In various keynotes, customer success stories and breakout sessions the 15.000+ expected visitors will learn how to achieve tangible insights in any process and how to master complex transformation challenges!

Deloitte will be represented by its Global Center for Process Bionics (CPB), presenting three exciting show showcases on how to drive Customer Satisfaction, Efficiency and Sustainability with Philipp Grindemann (Head of Business Development, Lufthansa CityLine).

To join the Deloitte session and visit us at our booth please use the registration link below.

Deloitte Session

Planes are made to fly: How to drive Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency and Sustainability with insight-driven Process Analytics

Process Analytics has the power to transform core corporate processes beyond pure administrative domains. There is potential for tangible value generation that exceeds the enterprise-customerdynamic and transcends into real societal gains. We will showcase three concrete examples.

Visit our Deloitte Partner Showcase on Tuesday, 13 April, 12:45 PM - 1:05 PM.

You can see the full agenda here.

Deloitte Center for Process Bionics

Our ambition is to sustainably transform business processes. With the Process Bionics© concept, Deloitte is turning process mining into a data-driven management approach. We aim to find new dynamic and sustainable ways to apply the insights gained from corporate processes and drive impactful, fact-based transformation. Our approach mimics the process of natural evolution as applied to technology adoption in the area of AI/machine learning, hyperautomation and next-generation business process management. We aim at taking insight-driven process transformation to the next level by combining latest technology expertise with a human-centered, data-to-value approach.

Learn more about our Center for Process Bionics

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For further information please visit the Celonis event page or reacht out to Nadine Schönlau, Tel: +49 211 8772 4642 or Marcel Wolf, Tel: +49 151 5807 5310.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the event!

Kind regards

Tobias Unger
Head of CPB Germany

13 - 15 Apr. 2021 09:00 a.m.
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