30 - 31 May

Deloitte @ ICA Summit 2022

2nd Innovations Connectivity Autonomous Summit 2022

Munich, Bavaria
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The event will be held on the 30th & 31st of May in Munich. Deloitte will present on-demand car features (ODCF) as a novel approach followed by a panel discussion about the topic.

30.–31. May 2022 | Leonardo Royal Hotel, Moosacher Straße 90, 80809 Munich

About the ICA Summit 2022

Autonomous cars are no longer far from the imagination of what our future could look like. We all know that there are various levels of automated vehicles, but what can we expect to see on roads soon? What is more – our entire automotive industry is being redefined by fast-changing technology. As a result, it is important to consider how manufacturers and suppliers will integrate key connectivity requirements and achieve advanced levels of autonomous driving. The autonomous vehicle is more than just a blurred dream that is still off in the distant future; it’s already happening!

The closed-door ICA Summit will dwell into the most innovative solutions, regulatory framework of development and validation. Attendees will have a chance to explore the latest developments in the industry and share their insights.

Conference sessions will be divided into individual presentations & panel discussions. Each coffee break will be held in a networking area where exhibitors are going to present the most cutting-edge solutions. At the end of the 1st-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to extend their networking in an exclusive cocktail reception. 

Deloitte´s Presence at the Conference 

Deloitte will present on-demand car features (ODCF) as a novel approach, that identifies the vehicle as a platform and offers end-customers software-based mobility services, flexibility and a personalized customer journey. 

The idea behind on-demand car features is that OEMs will move from production-based on customer configuration to production with full functionality. Each vehicle is produced with all possible hardware and software components and differentiation is given to the customer on-demand.

For its implementation, Deloitte has developed an ODCF Operating Model, which strives for end-to-end integration as part of a well-orchestrated process. An important aspect of the model is the consideration of regulatory and compliance implications from the conceptual phase onwards.

You can download our WhitePaper about On-Demand Car Features here.

The Car as a Digital Platform

Monday, 30. May, 15:40–16:00 CET


  • Andreas Herzig, Partner & Head of Automotive at Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Connected Car – a Big Step Towards Mobility of Tomorrow

Monday, 30. May, 16:00–16:50 CET


  • Andreas Herzig, Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte
  • Technician Android Car (TBD), Google
  • Firas Lethaus, Head of Deep Learning Expert Center, Volkswagen AG


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Please note, that we, prior to the registration of clients (externals), have to inform our compliance & internal tax department to see if there is any tax conflict, especially when your clients are high ranked officials.

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30.–31. May 2022

Leonardo Royal Hotel, Moosacher Straße 90, 80809 Munich

You can register on the ICA summit website.


Andreas Herzig
Partner | Automotive

+49 711 165547160

Andreas Herzig is a member of the management team of Risk Advisory in Germany and heads the Automotive Sector in Germany and EMEA for this function. 

He specializes in topics related to technology, digitization and regulation in the automotive industry. In particular, the digitization of vehicles, the supply chain and the retail sector in the automotive industry are the focus of Andreas Herzig's project experience.

Isabel Vimbai Makwara Gora
Senior Manager | Automotive

+49 89 29036 7229

Isabel V. M. Gora is part of the consulting leadership team within the Automotive sector with a strong focus on Digital  Business Models, Transformation Management, Digitalisation, Process Standardisation, Data Analytics and Trend-Scouting.

She has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry. Her experience runs from Transformation Management, Production Processes and Quality, Features on Demand, to E2E Process integration as well as Joint Venture Management with focus on China.

30 - 31 May. 2022 Bavaria,
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