26 - 27 Apr.

Deloitte @ Automotive Software Strategies 2023

The hybrid event will be held on the 26th & 27th of April in Munich. Deloitte Risk Advisory will participate with a team of experts accompanied by a presentation.

Veranstaltungssprache: English

Hybrid Event, 26.–27. April 2023
SZ  Towers, Hultschiner Str. 8, 81677 Munich

Automotive Software Strategies 2023

Deloitte again is premium sponsor at the 4th Software Strategies Conference in Munich and will be present with a stand and several speeches. Join us to learn about the Software Defined Vehicle, especially in terms of safety and security. Explore how to use customer data and software to extend the life of a vehicle for greater sustainability. Find out about cloud applications and best practice examples for (cloud) developers. Hear customer success stories on efficient data management and ways to protect against unauthorized attacks.

Let’s build more digital collaborations to meet the challenges of the future and the long term, and let’s strengthen them as we come together for this year’s conference!

Deloitte´s Presence at the Conference 

Deloitte will be present with a stand and will contribute this event with speeches in cooperation with Cogitron GmbH, Kontrol and Aurora Labs. Dr. Carsten Heil, Director, Deloitte GmbH will speak about Software Stress Tests, so how to get more Confidence in Complex Software Products in Automotive. Andreas Herzig, Global Lead Automotive Deloitte (RA) together with Zohar Fox, CEO & Co-Founder, Aurora Labs will focus on Digital Homologation and Software Challenges in Automotive – from Code to Type Approval. They will show potential best practises towards certifiable SW from the line of code towards cars on the streets. Finally, Andreas Lauringer, CEO, Kontrol will explain, how to make highly Automated Cars Street-Legal - from requirements to homologation and monitoring. He also will explain the differences between human vs. digital Drivers.


Deloitte employees will get a 20% discount on the regular tickets, which can also be used for Deloitte Clients joining this event. If you would like to benefit from this discount, please send an email to Dirk Utman, stating the names of the Deloitte participants, your clients name(s) and email, as well as the way you’d like to participate in the event – virtual or in presence. Dirk will care about your registration then. The regular participation fee for the event is 1.995 € (presence) or 795 € (virtual) plus VAT excl. the mentioned discount, depending on the way you like to participate.

Please note, that we, prior to the registration of clients (externals), must inform our compliance & internal tax department to see if there is any tax conflict, especially when your clients are high ranked officials.

If you don’t need reduced tickets, please feel free to register yourself direct via the official event page (Link below).

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Hybrid Event, 26.–27. April 2023

SZ  Towers, Hultschiner Str. 8, 81677 Munich

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Andreas Herzig

Andreas Herzig

Partner | Automotive & Retail

Andreas Herzig ist Mitglied des Führungsteams von Risk Advisory in Deutschland und leitet für diese Funktion die Sektoren Automotive und Retail.  Er hat sich auf Themen rund um Technology, Digitalisierung und Regulierung in diesen Branchen spezialisiert. Insbesondere die Digitalisierung von Fahrzeugen, der Supply Chain sowie des Retail-Bereichs in der Automobilbranche stehen im Fokus der Projekterfahrungen von Andreas Herzig.

26 - 27 Apr. 2023
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