7 - 8 Nov.

Business Process Transformation Forum

SAP Signavio

Berlin, Germany

Berlin | 7–8 November 2023


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About the Event

In today’s business environment, thriving for operational excellence is gaining more and more relevance. Businesses try to leverage process efficiencies, lower operational costs and keep up with changing process, data- and compliance requirements and regulations.

In this course, continuous improvement is key to stay competitive. Digitization, innovation and emerging technologies (e.g. Generative AI, Machine Learning) bring up new use cases and opportunities that increase the pressure on organizations even more.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, organizations have to transform and adopt their business strategy and operations. Due to complex business models, heterogenous system landscapes, difficult processes and ever growing data (requirements), this is not an easy task.

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, as all-in-one Business Process Management Tool, helps organizations to speed up their transformation journey with best-in-class process modelling, -analytics and automation features.

The event aims to spotlight latest features and updates of the SAP Signavio tool accompanied by key notes of SAP, clients and partners on how the SAP Signavio generates value. 

Deloitte as the only Diamond Sponsor of the SAP Signavio – Business Process Transformation Forum invites you to deep dive into our most recent SAP Signavio topics and assets. Visit our Deloitte exhibition stand or reach out to our colleagues as listed in the following.

Deloitte SAP Signavio Practice Assets

Contact Mario Schmitz for further information on:
  • Seeding Model: Free of charge SAP Signavio environment (with optional process content)
  • Plug and Gain: Overnight data extraction to instantly gain process transparency and analyze process efficiency
  • Cost Cutting: SAP Signavio-based cost cutting tool-kit leveraging process collaboration and automation features to increase process efficiencies and lower operational costs

Contact Gerrit Lotz for further information on:

  • Model Company: End-to-end business process repository based on SAP Signavio

Contact Nils Kowitz for further information on:

  • SAP Signavio Enablement: Tool enablement with hands-on and customized training concepts

Contact Volker Barent for further information on:

  • LeanIX: Leveraging SAP Signavio with the integrated LeanIX enterprise architecture tool-kit to gather and structure relevant business, IT and process data

Contact Jan Grüne for further information on:

  • Controls Optimization: Application of SAP Signavio process modelling and -mining capabilities to optimize, standardize and monitor process controls aiming at lowering process risks and strengthening the enterprise’s control environment
  • TranS4mation Assurance: SAP Signavio-based approach to ensure the reliability of relevant processes and controls during the S/4HANA migration as well as after the migration in the target system

Contact Hendrik Breimann for further information on:

  • Pillar 2: Client-oriented integration of the SAP Signavio tool in several sub-processes of Pillar 2 taxation

Contact Ralph Vermillion for further information on:

  • TranS4mation Toolchain: Holistic integration of SAP Signavio within the S/4HANA transformation toolchain

Contact Lars Biermann for further information on:

  • Cash Inflow Optimization: Business value realization with proactive working capital management
  • Deloitte Operations Control Tower: Smart workload management
  • Deloitte’s Disposition Cockpit: Leveraging potentials of inbound supply chain processes within the automotive 
  • Deloitte Center for Process Bionics: Deloitte's experts for process analytics with i.a. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence


7–8 November 2023

Kopenhagener Str. 60–68
13407 Berlin

Additional information about the Business Process Transformation Forum can be found on the conference website Business Process Transformation Forum Berlin 2023 – SAP Signavio.

For further information about our services, please contact 

  • Mario Schmitz, Finance Transformation & SAP Signavio Lead, Tel. +49 151 5800 5630
  • Gerrit Lotz, Finance Transformation Expert, Tel. +49 151 5800 1627.
7 - 8 Nov. 2023 Germany
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