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Global Internships 2016 - German Inbounds


Weekend in Berlin - July 9th, 2016 @ Berlin - Eric Zhu

Participating in the Global Internship Program provides us the perfect opportunity to travel around Germany and neighboring countries during the weekends. Berlin has been one of the top European cities on my check list to visit for a very long time. I booked a weekend trip to Berlin with the hope to also experience the “Berliner Fanmeile” for the Euro Cup 2016 Final.

Unfortunately, Germany’s unexpected loss to France demolish the hope of the “Fanmeile”. Nevertheless, Berlin the city itself with its colorful history and its dynamic techno scene still made my weekend as exciting and full of adventures. The world class museums kept me occupied during the day and fascinating night life energize me in this sleepless city. 

Before I fly back to Düsseldorf, I didn’t miss the chance to grab a drink right next to the Spree River while watching the sunset of Berlin. This unforgettable weekend trip is the perfect way to charge my “battery”. Now, I am ready to go back to work and continue the exciting GIP journey!

Weekend trip to Tübingen - July 10th, 2016 @ Tübingen - Jean Kisaka

While our main purpose while here in Germany is to work, the weekends present a great opportunity for us to explore the surrounding area more. On our first full weekend, Rachel came from Düsseldorf to Stuttgart to visit and explore with me. One of the days we spent exploring Stuttgart and the different attractions it contains. The other day we took a short train ride over to a little town called Tübingen.

We were in awe by the beauty of this little town as we walked the streets. It was wonderful to gain a greater glimpse into the culture and sights in Germany. The combination of the quaint buildings and the beautiful flowers lining the streets made for some great photos! It was a wonderful, relaxed day spent observing the beauty of Tübingen. 

Kölner Lichter - July 16th, 2016 @ Cologne - Eric Zhu

Every summer along the Rhine River, there are a lot of different celebrations and festivals. Kölner Lichter is one of the biggest celebrations among all of them and it is known to be the biggest musical firework show in Europe.

We arrived in Cologne in the afternoon despite that the firework won’t start until almost midnight in order to avoid the busy traffic later from one millions visitors. After a quick tour around Cologne, we headed straight across the bridge to the “Tanzbrunnen”, where they had a live concert featuring some well-known local bands and artists. The “Schlager” music created a very nice festival atmosphere in a sunny summer afternoon. Afterwards, we went to the “Rheinpark” and joined a group of friendly students. We chilled under the beautiful sunset and in cheerful music waiting for the final moment – the fireworks.

The Fireworks show was just fabulous. The show lasted about 30 minutes with 6 different themes; each theme is match with different music and fireworks. The blast of the fireworks was like an orchestral movement; timed perfectly with each explosion of color to give a breathtaking experience.

If you are looking for some summer day trips and events while you are in Düsseldorf, the Kölner Lichter is a must-go!

Safety First  - July 16th, 2016 @ Cologne - Rachel Reilly

The GIP has given me the opportunity to explore Europe by visiting famous places and attending exciting events. However, being here has made me increasingly aware of the potential danger around me. Terrorism occurs around the world and no country is immune to its threat.

One of our weekend excursions was to the city of Cologne to see the Cologne Cathedral and the Cologne Lights, which is a spectacular fireworks show. Our visit was only two days after the attack in Nice, France and I had some trepidation about travelling to Cologne.

Despite my worry, being in Cologne was an incredible experience. The Cologne Cathedral is among the most beautiful cathedrals in the world and the Cologne Lights rhythmically filled the sky with light. The beauty of the city and the lengths that police officers and city officials took to make the city safe exceeded my expectations. While abroad, it is important to understand the social climate and to act with caution. But it is equally important to trust the safety measures that have been put in place and to enjoy the city.

Weekend in München  - July 17th, 2016 @ München - Jean Kisaka

This past weekend’s adventures began with a trip to Munich on Saturday. It is only about a two hour train ride from Stuttgart, so it is quite feasible to make it there and back in a day. Although to be honest, the city has so much to offer, I did wish I had a bit more time there. Even though I got to explore a good portion of the city, it has definitely gone onto my “need to visit again soon” list of cities because of how much I still did not get to see in my short time there.

I did not have much of an idea of what I wanted to visit prior to arriving in the city. But a friend of mine gave me a rough road map of where to go and what to see. So I started with that and then made stops along the way whenever I saw something that caught my eye.

Some of the places I wandered through include Viktualienmarkt, Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz. I also got my photo taken at the famous arch. Probably my favorite stop along the way was the English Garden and the Eisbach Wave. It was so cool to see people surfing the artificial wave there.

In total that day I walked about 12 miles. So I was very grateful to be able to rest my feet on the train ride home later that day.

Weekend in Amsterdam - July 23rd, 2016 @ Amsterdam - Eric Zhu

One of the greatest benefits of interning in Düsseldorf is its central location in Europe. Within three hours bus ride, you can easily reach many major cities in Europe. Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist hotspots near the area. We took a very affordable bus from Düsseldorf and we arrived in Amsterdam within three hours.

Amsterdam is known for its cannels systems and bikes in the city. Those are indeed the unique characteristics of the city. Everything are within walking distance in the city area. We toured around the city and found a nice surprise.

Every year, one of the European cities would host a big two weeklong event called “the Europride” in order to support the LGBT community. This year, the Europride takes place in Amsterdam and the opening happens to be on the Saturday of our arrival. There is a big parade at the city park following by a live performance with a big strong Dj lineup. It was a happy festival full of love and happiness. The locals and the international visitors all dance together creating an unforgivable atmosphere.

GIP 2016 - Berlin
GIP 2016 - Tübingen
GIP 2016 - Tübingen - Rachel and Jean
GIP 2016 - Cologne
GIP 2016 - Jean in München
GIP 2016 - München
GIP 2016 - Amsterdam
GIP 2016 - Amsterdam mit Freunden


Düsseldorf’s Delicious Delights - July 11th, 2016 @ Düsseldorf - Ryan Artman  

For my first weekend in Germany, I decided to explore Dusseldorf. I didn’t necessarily have an agenda for traveling, so I figured I would try to familiarize myself with the city I was living in. I’m a bit of a foodie (or at least an aspiring one), and so I set out to explore what Dusseldorf tasted like! 

As I embarked to dip and dazzle in the various restaurants, I tried aiming for traditional German food. Ironically, I ended up eating more Asian, Italian, Greek and (shamefully) American foods. I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love sushi, Korean BBQ and just about all other sorts of Asian cuisine. I can never get enough of the stuff. As I was walking around searching for traditional German restaurants, I kept getting distracted by tons of Chinese, Japanese and Korean places, and, naturally, I fell off course and dove into those. I was surprised to see so many streets filled with Asian cuisine, until I realized that (fun fact) the Dusseldorf region has the largest Asian population in all of Germany.  

In restaurants, I immediately noticed that a) everyone drank sparkling water instead of still and b) water cost money. And it isn’t cheap. Life hack number one for an American coming to Germany: try ordering tap water in restaurants – it’s free and it tastes good! Another commonality between restaurants in Dusseldorf is that many of them are small, cozy, and family owned, which makes for delicious food, polite service and very beautiful interiors. And because these places are smaller businesses, many of them do not accept credit cards – so beware. Another tip I recommend is to have an effective translator app because, in my case, the menus looked like straight gibberish to me. Try to also ask for English menus, some places have them.  

In a matter of one weekend, I fell in love with Dusseldorf’s restaurants. Everywhere I ate gave me a new, interesting experience. From very tasty, delicate sushi to hardy, filling traditional German dishes, I enjoyed a nice range of foods. Among my favorites so far are Cucina Farina, Okinii, Papa Yong’s Korean Soul Food, Kostas Taverne, and Im Goldenen Ring. If you come to Dusseldorf, the food will not disappoint! 

GIP 2016 - German Food
GIP 2016 - German Food
GIP 2016 - German Food


Football Fever - July 7th, 2016 @ Düsseldorf Altstadt Marktplatz - Eric Zhu  

One of my largest impression about Germany even before I participant in GIP was the festivity during football events. The 2016 Euro Cup took place during our stay in Germany so we are lucky enough to experience a real German football fan experience.  

We arrived at the Düsseldorf Altstadt Marktplatz two hours before the game started and we can feel the excitement gradually being built up. German flags, jerseys, and face paint, the collective atmosphere is really outstanding. During the game, the fans maintains a very good order while being enthusiastic about the game. The soccer public viewing was truly an authentic German experience.    

FIFA world cup and Euro cup are held every four year, which means the GIP participants are able to experience a real German football event every two years during an even year, (e.g. 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2016 Euro Cup).  

Rheinkirmes - July 21st, 2016 @ Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes - Eric Zhu  

The festivity spirit is something very unique about Germany that I have experienced. Oktoberfest, Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), Karneval (Carnival), you can always find a festival somewhere in Germany all year round. Of course, there are also a lot of festivities during summer! Following the Kölner Lichter (see July 16th post), the Rheinkirmes is another big event happening in Düsseldorf.  Just on the other side of the Rhine River across the old town Düsseldorf, Rheinkirmes is a big fair taking place every year during summer time. With many fun rides and big beer tents, no matter what age you are, it is never too old to go to the Rheinkirmes to finish a busy day of work with a cold beer. The best part is that, unlike many highly commercialized fair events in the US, there is no entrance fee for the Rheinkirmes so it is easily the best place to be in the cool evening after a hot day.  “Gemütlichkeit” is a German word I have learned in Germany. It means coziness and friendliness. All the festivity events are the best representation of that. Season after season, German people are always celebrating! The “Gemütlichkeit” is the most memorable part of the experience during my time in Germany.

GIP 2016 - Soccer
GIP 2016 - Soccer


First-handed experience following Brexit - July 11th, 2016 @ Deloitte Düsseldorf office - Eric Zhu

Right before we left for the GIP program, on June 23th, the UK had the referendum about whether to remain or leave the European Union. Following the British referendum, the world was in shock. However, other than my friends who invested heavily in the stock market, the Brexit didn’t seem to impact our life in the US as much.

Very differently, The Brexit is a major event happening when we are in Europe, especially in a work place such as the tax department of Deloitte. Working at Deloitte tax department deals a lot with trans-border activities. The UK, being one of the biggest economy in the EU, is a big piece of this puzzle. The UK exiting the EU would potentially change a lot of the tax laws and implications.

Due to the importance of the Brexit event, we received our first big project about researching the Brexit impact on tax practices the first week when we are in Germany. Reading through thousands words tax-treaties was surely a very challenging task. Nevertheless, it was a very relevant experience, giving the international scope and the direct impact it might impose to the tax service line.

First impression of German business culture - July 6th, 2016 @ Deloitte Düsseldorf Office - Rachel Reilly

Before coming to Germany I tried to learn about the differences between American and German business culture. People would tell me, “Germans are formal. They are direct, they are punctual.” While all of this is true, I have also found that the Germans I have worked with are very kind and willing to help me understand the projects I am assigned to.

While in Germany, I have been working in financial advisory transactions. However, in Los Angeles I work in Audit. Being able to gain experience in two service lines has been extremely beneficial. I have developed a better understanding of how Deloitte functions globally and cross functionally.

Even though I have not been in Germany for very long, I have already learned so much about their practices. Some elements of the German business culture I hope to take home are: diligence, a hard working attitude, and sincere kindness. 

German tax overview in one handbook - July 19th, 2016 @ Deloitte Düsseldorf office - Eric Zhu

Despite having all the exciting travels and fun activities, our main objective during this internship is to work. However, during our 40-hour weekly work time, we are not always fully occupied with projects. Therefore, it is really important to find other learning opportunities to utilize our time.

I always have an interest in learning about German GAAP and tax standards but I never know where to start as someone who was only taught the US version. Today, after my international project, I went to my buddy for advice about that. Instead of receiving the entire “library” of German tax codification, I was offered a very little German tax handbook with overviews and guidelines.

My life has never been the same ever since I started reading that handbook! Despite being a pocket size handbook, it contains perfect amount of information (e.g. German taxes, Customs and excise duties, Accounting standards…) for a beginner like me. I have learned a lot about Germany from an accounting perspective. For example, the existence of German solidarity tax is directly aimed to enclose the wealth gap between the former East and West Germany region. That is a very unique tax type that I have never heard of.

What else is so unique about the German accounting and tax system? Go to your buddy and ask for the handbook!!! You knowledge and cultural experience will also be furthered in the same way!

Rachel at Deloitte Germany
GIP 2016 - Rachel at our Düsseldorf Location
GIP 2016 - German Tax Law

Overall Experience in Düsseldorf

First time being abroad – July 28, 2016 @ Düsseldorf, Germany - Young Park

Prior to my experience with the Global Internship Program, I had never been abroad before, let alone been abroad alone for 4 weeks. I was unsure of what to expect upon arrival of the new country, or even what to expect in general in terms of culture and the workplace. However, here I am now, 4 weeks after, and I could not be happier that I took this opportunity.

I felt extremely welcomed on my first day in Germany, my landlord was waiting for me to arrive at my new apartment, and he even gave me a welcome package including beer specific to the Düsseldorf region (Altbier), and was super responsive to all of my questions and concerns – I had the impression that I was going to do just fine during my first time in a foreign country. 

Upon arriving at work, I met several individuals who I would be working with – ranging from working students (interns), managers, senior managers, directors, and partners. No matter who I spoke to, however, everybody seemed to be willing to help and make me feel welcomed. I was not expecting such warm hospitality, but I am glad that that is the way things panned out. 

We all came to Germany at an interesting time – shortly after the Brexit vote. I had the pleasure of working with the Deloitte Brexit Strategic Response Team which was a cross-functional team specifically put together to deal with both the short and long-term effects of the Brexit decision. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to be able to work with managers, directors, and partners all across Germany to figure out how Deloitte could help potential clients in dealing with the effects of the Brexit. 

Yes, many things between Germany and the United States are different. Things such as the architecture, sidewalks having designated lanes for bikers, and public transportation being much more prevalent. However, all these differences I noticed were a part of the eye-opening experience of going abroad for the first time. As my time in Germany is winding down, I think about potential plans to come abroad again, because I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout my 4 weeks here. 

Global Internship Program 2015 - German Inbounds

Kick-Off Get2Gether in the old town of Düsseldorf

I have been working for Deloitte in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since November 2015. I remember a partner mentioning the Global Internship Program very early on, when I was applying to be an intern. I also remember that my first thought was: “I want to work here and take part in this experience so much!” Dreams do come true for those who believe and work hard, because here I am!

I am so excited to be travelling to Germany for the first time. This is for personal reasons, too, of course. But I am also excited about everything I´ll be able to learn and the relationships and network I´ll develop here.

Our group arrived in Düsseldorf on the first Saturday in July. We met on Sunday for a welcome get-together at one of the most famous breweries in the city. However, I am not working at the Düsseldorf office but the Stuttgart office. I travelled to my home sweet home for the next month on the first Monday, after a workshop in Düsseldorf.

Everybody has been very nice to us here in Germany, even on the streets. I am really feeling very welcome! Here is a picture of our first meeting and also a picture with my Buddy in Stuttgart, Ines, and a GIP colleague from Spain, Ignacio.

I´ll keep you posted about my experiences in Germany :)

Cintya Fuly from Brazil, Internship in Stuttgart (Consulting)


Our first week in Düsseldorf has flown by! We have made the most of our free time, exploring the city and a few of its many landmarks, as well as travelling to its neighboring (and rival!) city, Cologne.

Working in tax has proven to be more challenging than I originally expected. I have little knowledge on the matter, as my studies have only focused on the Maltese tax system. You can imagine our first day! However, my buddy has been very helpful and has gone to great lengths to explain how the German tax system operates as far as our work is concerned. However, how can I discuss work without even mentioning the Deloitte office here in Düsseldorf? This imposing building is built out of steel and glass, and is home to around 1,500 Deloitte professionals. Due to the beautiful weather the city has seen over the past week, the sun has lit up the entire office.

Everyone has been so helpful and caring, making our first week yet more memorable, with fellow team members asking us to join them for lunch. On Saturday, we all joined our buddy and his friends in Cologne for the Cologne lights festival. Thousands of people lined the Rhine River to watch the boats sailing up and down. This was followed by Germany’s largest fireworks display, synchronized to music. Cologne’s majestic cathedral was lit up beautifully in the background.

With Düsseldorf hosting a festival this week, we cannot wait to get to know our host city better. We hope to make the most of our second week while gaining valuable experience working on interesting projects at Deloitte.

Luca Pace from Malta, Internship in Düsseldorf (Tax)

My first trip to Europe!

I wanted to participate in the Global Internship Program as soon as I heard about it in my sophomore year at college.  Over a year later, I was extremely excited to be picked as one of three Americans to travel to Düsseldorf, Germany for a month!

I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived in Germany for the very first time.  I quickly found out that not speaking or reading any German would prove extremely challenging (especially when trying to figure out what to eat), but the experience has been made all the better through good company and a wealth of things to do (and eat). 

On my first full day in Germany, I immediately bonded with some of the other global interns as we attempted to figure out Düsseldorf’s public transportation system.  We only ended up getting lost a few times before finding the Deloitte office in Düsseldorf.  Success!

After our first day at the office, we put to use the awesome selfie stick that Deloitte gave to us earlier that day at the top of the Rhine Tower.

Unfortunately, I caught a cold after a few days in Germany.  I’m so sorry to everyone on my team who has had to hear me coughing all day, but everyone has been so nice.  I am definitely being challenged every day and I’m looking forward to more adventures!

Shannon Lieu from the USA, Internship in Düsseldorf (Audit)


My name is Louise and I am originally from Sweden, but I am currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Finance in Denmark at Copenhagen Business School. My global internship program started in Deloitte’s Stockholm office with some introductory seminars, and one week has now passed since I arrived in my placement city, Düsseldorf. I have already had so many great experiences – professional, personal and cultural. My German is also improving (albeit slowly), which is good since I am going to be spending a semester abroad at St. Gallen, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland this fall. So if you ask me again in December, my German skills will probably be excellent! 

My internship is in Deloitte’s corporate finance section. Up until now, I have been helping the transaction services team finish a huge vendor due diligence report and a related commercial due diligence report for a global software firm. I have already experienced many of Deloitte’s work processes and methods and I have met many inspiring and skilled colleagues. I am the only global intern in the corporate finance service, but I have been able to meet German interns within the same department. It is always exciting to meet people in similar situations – it is great to use your studies to create real work experiences, especially in different parts of the world, to widen your perspectives.       

There are five global interns at the Düsseldorf office, from countries as wide-ranging as the US and Malta. We all stay at the same hotel in Düsseldorf city center. This is amazing, because it means we are able to explore the city during the evenings. We have already tried many bratwursts and beers, visited the Altstadt and enjoyed amazing views from the Rhine Tower. Düsseldorf is a nice town with good shopping and great walks along the Rhine. We have also decided on some locations in the surrounding areas that we want to explore. The first weekend, all the global interns travelled to Cologne for the Lights of Cologne festival. We had an amazing day with beautiful weather and incredible views of the huge cathedral and Germany’s largest fireworks show later in the evening. Hopefully, we are going to Bonn next weekend. There is also a festival coming up In Düsseldorf that we are all looking forward to. 

Louise Högdahl from Sweden, Internship in Düsseldorf, (Corporate Finance)

Time flies!

I have now been in Germany for two weeks and, although my expectations were high, I couldn´t imagine the GIP was going to be this good.

I come from Spain and, although my home office is Madrid, my first experience working for Deloitte has been in Germany over the past two weeks. It was great to meet the other interns from all over the world in Düsseldorf. I am working at the Stuttgart office, which is smaller but also nice. At the moment, I am working with the global account manager for a large OEM, which has given me some important insights into the firm, its worldwide presence and the range of services it provides. I had no idea how big Deloitte was until I actually started working here! 

People in Germany are surprisingly friendly. At the office we are getting the chance to network a lot while having fun, by having lunch together, going out at night or even taking trips around the region.

On Saturday, I went to the lovely city of Heidelberg with my GIP colleague from Brazil. We walked up to the castle and around the gardens. On Sunday, I joined my manager for some hiking in Bad Urach. While I think it is safe to say that the weather in this area is impossible to predict, the day was sunny and not too warm, which meant we really enjoyed ourselves. We followed a brook up to a waterfall before exploring a ruined castle. The views from the top were incredible. Of course, as we´re in Germany, the day couldn´t end without a visit to a Biergarten...

The city of Stuttgart is so nice that I already regret that I will have to return to Spain without seeing everything I´d like to see. However, it gets dark quite late, so visiting the city and enjoying the regional food is possible after work. Schlossplatz has become a compulsory stop on my journey back to the hotel. When there are no interesting festivals going on, I walk around the palace, the surrounding park or just wander.

Half my trip is already over, but I still have interesting plans for the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to more great times here!

Ignacio Tobias from Spain, Internship in Stuttgart (Clients & Industries)

Starting to get fully Germanized

I just started my third week here in Düsseldorf, and I am really beginning to feel at home in the office. The lady in the cafeteria knows that I come for my cappuccino at 8:45 a.m., and the German greetings come naturally when I meet my colleagues in the corridors. My first team is still working with the same client. I am continually learning new things by being able to contribute to such a large project. I have also had the opportunity to work and socialize with many other people in the corporate finance team. They are all so friendly and curious to hear about what brought me to Germany. I even met a recent graduate from my business school in Copenhagen – the world really is small after all. 

Düsseldorf has now been taken over by the festival Rheinkirmes 2015. Naturally, the GIP crew went to experience a few rides and eat some food – in that specific order, luckily. The festival is apparently bigger than expected, and the third largest in Germany. Deloitte really timed things well with the German celebrations. This Saturday I also spent several hours at the beautiful shopping street Königsallee – I guess it is lucky for me I am being paid while I’m here…

Louise Högdahl from Sweden, Internship in Düsseldorf (Corporate Finance)

Away from the office

As an audit intern, I’ve spent very little time in the Deloitte office. Instead, I’ve been sent to different clients, which has allowed me to see more of Germany than I anticipated. For my second week in Germany, my team and I stayed in Bad Arolsen for five days to perform a review of a company. Bad Arolsen is a very small town and businesses tended to close very early. However, I was extremely impressed by the castle that was just down the street from the hotel! It was also there that I gained an unhealthy attraction to Haribo gummies and giant chocolate bars. 

I made it back to Düsseldorf in time for the first day of Rheinkirmes, the largest fair on the Rhine River! While there were plenty of games and rides, my favorite part was all of the food. Chocolate covered strawberries on a stick with Oreos? Salmon sandwiches? Yes, please! 

On the weekend, I finally had a chance to go shopping on Königsallee, Düsseldorf’s famous fashion boulevard. And even though I’m not a huge car fan, I still had fun at Classic Remise Dusseldorf with the other global interns – maybe it was because I found an awesome toy car to sit in.  

I was in Aachen for a few days to perform another review of a company. Aachen had a beautiful cathedral and lots of places to shop and explore during the evening. 

I’ve finally reached the point where German documents and Excel spreadsheets are not so daunting to look at. I think it’s hilarious that my German vocabulary mostly consists of words such as bestellung (order), rechnung (invoice), and vertrag (contract). Thank you, Google translate! I’m now an expert in reading German invoices. 

I’m looking forward to spending some time in Deloitte’s beautiful office in Düsseldorf. Until next time!

Shannon Lieu from the USA, Internship in Düsseldorf (Audit)

Making the most of it

One more week has gone by and I am still enjoying every minute of the Global Internship Program.

Stuttgart is not just great for hiking and sightseeing. It is also the home for Daimler and Porsche, so it is a great place for car enthusiasts and engineers in the making like myself. A visit to their museums was therefore a must. While the Mercedes-Benz exhibition showed great insight into world history from the automotive development point of view, the Porsche museum was more focused on racing. However, I had a great time at both, looking at all kinds of incredible machines - classic cars, futuristic cars, and even airplanes.

I have been busy exploring the city. I took the Zacke, an urban railway, across to Weinsteige, a hill with great views of the city. I also rented a bike to ride through the streets and squares, discovering classical Stuttgart architecture. Finally, I had a rest at the amazing city library, which is a dream come true for booklovers, given its size and design.

The atmosphere at the office is really good. Every Friday, everyone gets together on the first floor to share their impressions of the week. Last week was particularly special, and we had a BBQ. The sun appeared just in time. After some great conversations, we called it a week. However, that wasn’t the end: that night, we went out for dinner and a party with our colleagues from the consulting department. On Wednesday night some of us stayed late at the office to take part in some epic badminton matches (which weren’t bad considering I’d never played before).

Believe it or not, we also work! My project is advancing smoothly, at a good pace. This week, I had the opportunity to present my work to my manager and the partner in charge of our workgroup. The few nerves I had vanished when they confirmed that everything was progressing well…Let’s keep it that way!

Ignacio Tobias from Spain, Internship in Stuttgart (Clients & Industries)

Everything comes to an end…

It is already my last week in Germany, even though it feels like I just arrived. As part of the Corporate Finance team, I have experienced a fluctuating workload and challenging deadlines as we work in close collaboration with our clients. The pace has increased over the last two last weeks, as I have been helping three teams with different assignments. I even got to use my Swedish skills, as one target entity is a subsidiary of a Swedish listed firm. After researching Swedish corporate governance documents, I was able to help out with the structure and shareholding of the entities involved.

Last weekend, Luca and I visited Bonn for a cultural Sunday on the “Museum Meile”, a street with several museums in close proximity. We chose to visit the historical museum of Germany, which focuses on the era after the world wars, and the Kunstmuseum Bonn, which has a nice selection of modern art. We then went to Bonn’s largest brewery where we had some Flammkuchen and seasonal raspberry (!) beer.

Overall I have really enjoyed the experiences this internship has offered me. My interest in Deloitte is to a large extent because of its international scope. Being able to experience global mobility with the company has really been inspiring. I have boosted my professional confidence by gaining broad insights into Deloitte’s Corporate Finance department and by becoming familiar with the most of the tools used in the firm’s work. It has also been a pleasure to build an international network, which I am sure I’ll be able to use in the near future. 

Louise Högdahl from Sweden, Internship in Düsseldorf (Corporate Finance)

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