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Get to know the team 

We asked our team members to share some of their experience regarding their work within ITS and Deloitte. Dive into the Deloitte experience and find out more!

Get to know our IT Services Team

Everything you can imagine and more

Why Deloitte?
Deloitte is stronger than ever. We are growing tremendously and investing heavily in digitisation. We as IT need to step up and help to grow and digitise the business model whilst making sure everything is working, stable, secure and compliant. Help shape Deloitte’s future and join us. At Deloitte, we know that our people are our brand.

What can you expect joining the ITS?
We are facing very challenging and interesting projects – Cyber Security, AI, Big Data, Robotics – everything you can imagine and more is possible at Deloitte.

Sascha Krause, Chief Information Officer


Explore our unique and talented team

What is your vision regarding the next 5 years?
Being the best IT place to work for.

What can you expect from the team?
We are operating in a fast-paced environment, where new challenges come up every day. Within this fast growing business, our task is to provide a high quality and stable environment. Passion, ambition and teamwork are essential. We are a strong community where people become more than just colleagues.

Torsten Pesch, Head of Infrastructure Solutions


IT Specialists with a strong personal fit

Who are we looking for?
There are numerous opportunities to contribute towards our projects. First and foremost, we are looking for people with a strong personal match to our team. IT specialists who share our values, who feel like tackling things, who like to be actively involved in transformations. People who like to make an impact. Sometimes, we tend to “reinvent the wheel” and obviously not every idea is a successful one. This is fine – as long as we learn from our mistakes.

Nathalie Mikenberg, Deputy Chief Information Officer


Many voices, one team 

What is it like to work at Deloitte?
Deloitte is a great place to work because of its dynamic and international business environment. The company is growing fast and therefore team structures and processes need to be continuously transformed. Teams with diverse expertise are built to satisfy complex and technical advanced customer demands. During my first days at Deloitte, I met colleagues with very different backgrounds. After my first few weeks in the company, I understood the meaning and importance of teamwork across functions. The willingness to understand different perspectives helps to build specific expertise that is useful in delivering great projects. This mind-set in our team enables us to develop ourselves as individuals – as well as an organisation – very quickly.

Marie Spindler, Project Management Office  


Set the example that others follow

What was your greatest enlightenment while working with Deloitte? 
I’ve had the chance to work across different parts of Deloitte in multiple countries. For me, the decisive factor is that no matter where you are based, you can call upon the expertise of over a quarter of a million people who do their best to support each other. It is like a huge family that you can’t hide from – even if you try!

What is your vision for ITS?
To be the standard of excellence. We want to be at the top of an ever-changing game. To do this, we need our technology to be flexible and responsive. We need to offer cutting-edge services based upon a solid, high performing platform and these should be consistent across our global network. In other words – we want to set an example others like to follow and make an impact that matters.

Rikesh Mistry, Programme Manager


Deloitte empowers with learning and development

Why are we looking for new people and who are we looking for?
We are looking for security enthusiasts, broadly technically skilled people, nerds, hackers, talented students – everyone with an highly evolved security awareness. From my point of view, everybody who wants to support IT security at Deloitte deserves a chance.

What was your favourite “only at Deloitte” moment?
Just imagine unwittingly shutting down a data centre. As a result you don’t lose your job, but you are supposed to learn from it and there is no finger pointing. Deloitte gives you the scope to learn, experiment, develop and even make mistakes. We as a team have a common goal: to protect the company and take it forward - while having a lot of fun together. 

Dominik Andreansky, Team Lead Security Solutions  

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