Retail Operating Model of the Future


The New Retail Operating Model of the Future

How retailers need to adapt their operating model over the next five years

External market trends such as changing customer behavior, emerging new technologies, increasing competitive pressure and altering expectations of the millennial workforce are demanding retailers to re-think their way of working. The new study by Deloitte analyzes the future retail operating model and its implications.

Many players in the market spent the last decade on redefining their (digital) strategy and focused heavily on customer experience and technology to increase fulfillment efficiency. The operating model however has been left aside for quite some time.

Therefore retailers now have to ask themselves three key questions:

1. How do I need to set up my organization and processes to become more customercentric and agile?

2. Are my current steering mechanisms the right ones to navigate through changing market environment models?

3. What are the needed employee skill sets, going forward, and how do I become attractive to top talent?

4. What is the linkage of the three issues above and how can they be  implemented?


Monitor Deloitte has embarked together with the German Retail Federation (Handelsverband Deutschland - HDE) to support retailers in answering these questions.

The 2019 European survey on the “Future retail operating model” sheds light on the following points:

- How important are changes within retailers’ operating models?

- How far are European retailers already on their journey, in terms of their  operating models?

- What areas need to change the most in the next five years?

- Where are the most imminent gaps and what are the “must-haves” regarding the future state of the operating model?

- How will these changes impact the retail value chain?

- Finally, what are the calls for action and how can a retailer find its own way toward a new operating model?

In the download section you can find the full survey and a glimpse into the survey results.


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