The chemical multiverse 4.0

Promising future for the strong, decisive, and persistent

It is a fascinating time to be in the chemical industry. The changes taking place are truly remarkable and the challenges ahead are equally daunting. Never before has it been so important for companies to understand where they stand now and where they plan to be in the future. The chemical multiverse 4.0 was designed to serve as a vital aid to help get companies there and support their business goals.

Exponential and digital technologies have evolved beyond experimentation into a landscape-changing driver. These days, companies are naturally very curious about the potential value of these technologies as the DME continues to develop. Companies are likely also mindful of the technologies’ disruptive nature. This is an entirely new landscape and, as such, supports the notion that the time is right to dig deeper into what lies ahead and understand what the chemical industry will become. It is likely necessary to extend the time horizon from the Chemicals 2020 series to at least 2025 or 2030. Moreover, we are compelled to ask again, as in 2009, if the chemical industry is staring at another reset button. The chemical multiverse 4.0 is a first major step towards helping to answer that question.

The report includes analytics from a Deloitte-exclusive database of 249 publically-traded companies in the chemical industry. The analysis features an industry map to help companies understand their financial and strategic options to help make informative decisions about future opportunities.


Report highlights include:

  • Why chemicals matter, now more than ever
  • Global chemical trade, commodities environment, demand, and consolidation
  • Industry mapping to identify a meaningful segmentation/classification
  • What drivers are impacting performance momentum? 
  • End markets, talent development, emerging technologies, Advanced Materials, and petrochemicals
  • The path forward for chemical companies as materials manufacturers and solutions providers

The chemical multiverse 4.0
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