Chemicals 4.0


Chemicals 4.0

Industry digitization from a business-strategic angle

More than anything else, two questions drive the current discussion within the German chemical industry: How to maintain global competitiveness of the German chemical industry? And how to make use of Industry 4.0 accordingly? These publications want to respond to these questions by outlining the way to digitization of the industry from a business-strategic angle.

Götz G. Wehberg

The 3Ps – Predict, prioritize and pursue Chemicals 4.0

The current digitization of the German chemical industry is below average. It is clear, however, that the impact of Industry 4.0 will be significant. Industry 4.0 has to be considered, urgently, and needs a systematic approach. Against this background, this publication is summarizing the following three guiding principles:

  • Predict – Understand the impact of Chemicals 4.0.
  • Prioritize – Prioritize the levers to get the maximum out of it.
  • Pursue – Implement Chemicals 4.0, comprehensively.

Of course, Chemicals 4.0 is not the only determines competitiveness. However, Chemicals 4.0 is doing both driving digitalization as well as facilitating a proper respond to many other trends of the industry.

Chemicals 4.0 - Bringing the industry to the next level

Industry 4.0 sparks intensive discussions within the chemical industry. The question is whether this is really new or just a fancy label for some well-known practices. IT has always been a key success factor, hasn’t it? And what about industry-specific characteristics? Is Industry 4.0 relevant for this industry with its different nature of production? Or is it limited to automotive?

In this article you receive more insights into approaches to Chemicals 4.0. Article is available as PDF on the site as well.

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