CLEPA Innovation Awards 2021

Current Thought Leadership

Harald Proff (Global Automotive Sector Lead) and his colleagues at Deloitte offer a high level of expertise in the automotive supplier industry. See for yourself and read about pioneering insights in the latest publications such as the Global Supplier Risk Monitor.

Global Supplier Risk Monitor 2021

Early risk detection and proactive transformationin the COVID era and disruption in the automotive industry:

The global pandemic hit the automotiveindustry particularly hard – and the timing could not have been worse. Suppliers now face not only the challenge of transforming the automotive value chain, but also the adverse effects of the Covid crises. Without a deep understanding of the various business and market risks in this difficult environment, they may find themselves unable to initiate countermeasures in good time. These are the key findings of Deloitte’s most recent Global Supplier Risk Monitor. This risk analysis framework for automotive suppliers identifies the biggest challenges for each specific vehicle component cluster and offers potential solutions.

The future of the automotive supplier industry: Four industry scenarios for 2030

Deloitte’s updated industry scenarios help the supplier industry to make the right decisions at the right time:

From autonomous driving to electrification, the automotive industry is facing fundamental change. But what exactly can we expect from the coming revolution – and how will this impact suppliers? In a new Point of View, Deloitte’s automotive strategy experts recommend a scenario-based approach. The first automotive scenario study published by Deloitte in 2016 has been updated with four new scenarios for the year 2030, providing industry leaders with a framework to master nearly any conceivable outcome.

Automotive suppliers: preparing for transformation

Change is coming: Deloitte presents insights into business trends and strategic options in the automotive supplier industry: Automotive Supplier Transformation Strategies

In an era of climate change, e-mobility and COVID-related disruption in global supply chains, transformation is inevitable for many players in the automotive supplier industry. Companies now have the opportunity to proactively manage the dynamics changing the industry and develop new strategies. Keep reading to discover the key drivers for the changes we can expect in the next three to four years, the strategic options available to today’s suppliers and the support the advisors and visionary partners of the Deloitte Automotive Supplier Practice can provide throughout the transformation process. Because we believe: success does not come to those who wait; only those ready to tackle the task and embark on the journey ahead will meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Rethinking supply chains: The automotive industry in the chip crisis

Innovative approaches increase efficiency and resilience to reimagine the auto manufacturing supply network:

The automotive industry is currently suffering massively from the delivery problems of chip manufacturers. Significant production losses are the result. This is putting pressure on OEMs and suppliers to strengthen their global supply chains and better position themselves for future crises. The focus is on increasing visibility across the entire supply network, advanced collaboration models and regular risk forecasting - measures that can also deliver sustainable business benefits.

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