Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 and manu­facturing eco­systems

Exploring the world of connected enterprises

The marriage of advanced manufacturing techniques with information technology, data, and analytics is driving another industrial revolution - one that invites manufacturing leaders to combine information technology and operations technology to create value in new and different ways.

Navigate toward an Industry 4.0 future

In this report, we offer a perspective to help manufacturers navigate toward an Industry 4.0 future. We do so by examining the flow of information in intelligent production and connected supply chains - that is, systems that inform and coordinate the manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket process - through the lens of Deloitte’s Information Value Loop (IVL). We then review the impact of the IVL on the manufacturing value chain. In the remainder of this article we will:

  • Explain the term “Industry 4.0,” its history, and the expanding breadth of the concept
  • Review the fundamentals of Deloitte’s IVL framework and its relation to Industry 4.0
  • Identify two strategic areas - growing the business and operating the business - and six trans-formational plays that encompass the core opportunities for manufacturers to create with Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Uncover key challenges for Industry 4.0 deployments
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