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Driving Operational Excellence at Automotive Captives

The future belongs to those who excel in operating efficient businesses

To support CEOs and COOs looking to transform their operating models with efficiency, digitalization and customer focus, we have launched a dedicated Point of View series on Operational Excellence (OPEX) at Automotive Captives. Our publications will empower Captive professionals who are entrusted with leading, managing or participating in OPEX-related activities at their companies and provide them with the tools and use cases they need.

Issue #1: Operational Excellence as a No-Regret Move

The first Point of View provides some important background, detailing the need for and the benefits of an Operational Excellence program – this empowers readers to kickstart the debate within their organizations. Thanks to our OPEX-related trends, quantitative analyses and forecasts, we help raise awareness at board level and target the necessary funds toward efficiency improvements.

Issue #2: A Playbook for Operational Excellence

The second Point of View provides hands-on insight into the structure of an OPEX program and its critical success factors.
Readers receive guidance on the key steps involved and how to avoid typical pitfalls during the set-up, ideation, implementation and closing phases. With supporting elements such as the OPEX story, readers can drive real cultural change within their organizations.


Issue #3: Digital Self-Services – Get Your Customers Involved

In this issue of our Point of View series, we introduce digital self-services as the first lever in our OPEX Playbook. Captives can offer innovative digital solutions that give customers a convenient way to process inquiries and requests. We highlight the benefits and challenges for Captives as well as potential use cases, outlining our proven Deloitte approach for the successful implementation of digital self-services.

Issue #4: Artificial Intelligence – Take your operations to the next level

In the fourth issue, we share our point of view on AI as a second lever in our OPEX Playbook. We highlight different applications and implications of artificial intelligence, from simple process automation to drastic changes in business or operating models. This issue provides hands-on guidance on how to benefit from AI and introduces a systematic approach to identifying and successfully implementing AI use cases in the Captive industry.

About the Point of View series "Operational Excellence at Automotive Captives"

Over the last few decades, Automotive Captives have developed and operated a successful business model around financing and leasing without placing much focus on a cost-efficient mindset. New competitors and market erosion are disrupting these mature markets today, posing a threat to this traditional business model and sounding a clarion call for Captives. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the need for cost-efficient operations, more flexibility to react to changes in demand and customer-centric offerings.

THE REASON WHY – Understanding the importance of Operational Excellence to win the future

Companies interested in successfully implementing an Operational Excellence strategy need to understand why it is so vital to act now and “what’s in it” for you. This publication series will give you the background you need to write your “OPEX story” and enable you to determine just how urgent this transformation is for your company. Using various Captives and relevant show cases as a benchmark, we will help you identify and quantify new Operational Excellence targets and potential.

THE BIG PICTURE – Getting it right from the start with a holistic OPEX program

Establishing the correct framework at an early stage in your OPEX program is essential to achieving your goals. With our publication series, you will be equipped to prepare your initiative and avoid common pitfalls. You will understand why OPEX programs offer more advantages than the continuous improvement approach and receive guidance on how to set the scene for your OPEX story and communicate its relevance. In addition to setting up an OPEX program, our publication series will enable you to successfully steer implementation, achieve your targets and completely transform the mind-set in your organization.

THE KEY AREAS – Applying and leveraging best-practice technologies, methodologies and practices for your organization

A successful OPEX program is highly dependent on identifying and implementing the right OPEX measures. To unleash the full potential of Operational Excellence, your organization will need to build a balanced portfolio of measures. And thanks to our vast experience, our OPEX series will provide you with the expertise you need to pinpoint the measures that align with your requirements and implement state-of-the-art solutions. In upcoming publications, you can look forward to a deep-dive into specific methods and levers.

OPEX efficiency levers - overview