global chemical industry


The talent imperative in the global chemical industry

The global chemical industry is entering an era when companies will need to start viewing and valuing people as one of their most critical assets.

Global Chemical Industry

For over a century, companies in the global chemical industry have been taking on and solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, all the while returning billions of dollars to shareholders. Unfortunately, this admirable track record does not guarantee another 100 years of the same. It is only with a true recommitment to talent that companies will be able to navigate the turbulent times ahead and continue to generate shareholder value.

The global chemical industry is beginning a new and exciting era. The people working in it will be the catalyst to once again make the industry a leader among sectors and an attractive, exciting place to build a career – but only if executives act now to build those few but critical organizational and tal-ent capabilities required to attract, develop, deploy, and retain the people the industry will need.

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