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Aktuelle Deloitte-Publikationen zu Branchen und Markttrends in China

Branchenspezifische Publikationen beleuchten den chinesischen Absatzmarkt und die Entwicklungstrends in den jeweiligen Industrien.

"Fortune Favors the Bold" - Life Sciences and Health Care Industry

Many pharmaceutical companies are now looking at China health care market and asking themselves: What's next? This report explores the key events of the past 24 months in the health care market and explores four key themes pharmaceutical companies should consider as they think about their future in China. As pharmaceutical companies look into the future in China, there is only one certainty – change. Fortune favors the bold, and companies who act now to shape market will see their fortunes grow as those who do not, will see their shrink. The report explores the growth and investment opportunities through evolving customer model, reaching new markets and accessing at all levels of health care system from the perspectives of pharmaceutical companies, which would be a good reference for clients in pharmaceutical, medical devices, private healthcare providers and insurance industry.  


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Delivering Superior Customer Experience in China – The Essential Ingredient to Building Customer Loyalty

Consumer and retail companies in China are having a difficult time keeping pace with the rising expectations of Chinese customers. Technology advancement and internet penetration have transformed the way companies interact with customers. As touch points increase, customers are now expecting companies to engage them in a holistic way. However, over 75 percent of Chinese customers are not satisfied with their customer experience when interacting with a company across multiple channels, according to the latest report. The report concludes with a few recommendations.

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China’s Express Sector

China's Express Industry Development Report 2014 introduces the current development of China's express industry in detail, analyzes the main driving forces for the rapid development of express industry in recent years, and elaborates the industry's performance in the capital market from the perspective of industry M&A, VC/PE investment and IPO. As a conclusion, the report forecasts the future development of the industry from aspects of macro environment, industry, enterprise and technology.

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2013 Deloitte China Auto Dealership Performance Study

The 2013 China Auto Dealership Performance Study provides an insight into challenges that China's auto dealership inustry faces. Taking into consideration the present macroeconomic climate and market conditions and the resulting risks encountered by this country's auto dealers in their routine business operations. This will serve as a basis for automarkers, dealer groups, and indepentant dealers to implement effective risk management measures in future operations and management.


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Transforming Medical Affairs in China

Multinational companies have dramatically increased their number of Medical staff. They are being added to help address changing dynamics in the market and a weakening of the core branded generics business. The addition of a highly trained Medical function is a way to provide new value to physicians, payers and patients. However, as the importance of Medical Affairs increases, many executives are left asking: How do I best utilize and deploy Medical talent to maximize their value to the business?

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China real estate investment handbook 2013: The details that make the difference

The 2013 edition summarises the updates on taxation and accounting treatments for real estate investment, and keeps you informed of key changes, risks and opportunities that you should be aware of. New insights include: Further elaboration on alternative financing channels, common tax issues faced by property developers and investors, outbound investment opportunities and considerations and the use of information technology.

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A New Stage for Overseas Expansion for China’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry

As the global economy increasingly integrates, China’s Equipment Manufacturing sector has begun to play a crucial role in helping allocate global resources. On the one hand, this is the result of China upgrading its equipment manufacturing technologies; on the other hand, the industry itself has benefited from a booming domestic economy which has resulted in huge market demand for equipment manufacturing industry products. Furthermore, despite the recent slowdown in the Chinese economy, such demands are likely to remain.

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2012 Report on Cooperative Development between Shopping Centers and Chain Brand Merchants in China

This Report jointly issued by Deloitte and China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) has summed up our study on the industry, interviews with insiders, as well as conducted quantitative survey on nearly 200 shopping center operators, merchants and consumers and has accordingly analysed the development and myth of China’s shopping centers and the factors behind their success, in the hope of inspiring industry participants.

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Mainland Property companies' performance and market outlooks

This new thought leadership piece analyzes the key financial performance indicators of Chinese property companies in 2010 and 2011 with the objective to provide them with suggestions on strategies, operations and financing, based upon prevailing market and regulatory conditions in China

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Reflections on Education and Technological Development in China 2013

Going into 2013, as we searched for the latest driving force behind private education industry development, we focused our attention on technology. Furthermore, we took aim at opening up discussion about the influence technology is having on education, hoping to spark greater attention and reflection in the educational world.

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China's Consumer Market: A Closing Window of Opportunity

If you sell to consumers, you understand the problem. While those catering to the wealthiest sliver of transnational consumers have continued to prosper to varying extents, most consumer markets around the world have remained in the doldrums since the onset of the global financial crisis. That is, except for those in China.

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