Deloitte Germany partners with Checkmarx

Application Security Testing Tech­no­logies for Deloitte Big Data Analytics Plat­forms and Services

Client’s big data analytics applications will gain from the partnership by cutting edge security level tracking capabilities.

Deloitte Germany, a member firm of Deloitte’s global network of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory and tax advisory firms, and the Deloitte Analytics Institute, a multidisciplinary competence center at the interface of business, science and technology, today announced a partnership with Checkmarx, a global leader in Application Security Testing (AST). Through this strategic partnership, Deloitte and the Deloitte Analytics Institute will introduce Checkmarx application security solutions and expertise to Deloitte’s big data analytics platforms and services to promote secure software development and enable more comprehensive data security for Deloitte’s customers.

As a leading provider of audit and risk advisory services, Deloitte is committed to continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance privacy and security defenses within big data projects.
With individual and user-centered advanced analytics and big data solutions, the Deloitte Analytics Institute accompanies clients on their way to insight-driven organizations.

Checkmarx‘s application security platforms enable organizations to develop more secure applications and developers to implement secure code seamlessly and at scale. This partnership introduces an intensive, first-in-the-market combination of Checkmarx’s application security testing solution and Deloitte’s big data analytics services that underscores the importance of maintaining secure applications when analyzing, managing, handling and storing big data.

Checkmarx’s application security platforms further enable organizations to develop more secure applications in accordance with leading standards, and increase security by providing an easier way to scan large software applications during the development phase. In addition to providing a benefit for Deloitte’s customers, Checkmarx’s leading software products will allow Deloitte’s in-house developers to improve their knowledge of developing secure software.

Deloitte enables enterprises to leverage advanced analytics capabilities to enhance their business models. Secure applications are essential to protect customer data and to comply with the strong data privacy laws in Germany and Europe. With Checkmarx we found the ideal partner who complements our competencies to ensure secure software solutions for our clients.

Hartmut Ahlvers, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Deloitte’s unique selling point is to advise and to implement concepts in on leading technology platforms. As a highly acknowledged advisor in risk compliance and forensic services, Deloitte strives in particular to develop software for the highest standards of data security and to eliminate reputation risks for its clients. We’re excited to be partnering with Checkmarx and implementing their application security solutions to help us achieve this goal.

Olaf-Peter Schleichert, Partner, Leader Deloitte Analytics Institute

We are joining forces with Deloitte to provide a more thorough approach to security through application security testing technologies, in the wider field of big data analytics. We look forward to a productive partnership that will enable us to provide our technology and expertise for the benefit of Deloitte, and for the benefit of its customers.

Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO, Checkmarx

About Checkmarx

Checkmarx is an Application Security software company, whose mission is to provide enterprise organizations with application security testing products and services that empower developers to deliver secure applications. Amongst the company's 1,000 customers are five of the world's top 10 software vendors, four of the top American banks, and many Fortune 500 and government organizations, including SAP, Samsung and

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