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Deloitte Innovation Delivery Center

The Catalyzer of Disruptive Ideas

The Innovation Delivery Center is a multidisciplinary center of excellence focusing on the go live of innovative software solutions in the areas of Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Computer Vision and Text Analytics. The Innovation Delivery Center helps companies to operationalize the vision of the digitalization.

Deloitte Innovation Delivery Center

Client Issues

The Innovation Delivery Center faces key challenges on the market to enable disruptive technologies for our clients. Current client issues are beginning at the top of the IT strategy resulting in CIO looking for large and transformative digital initiatives that are implemented fast in order to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging and accelerating market environment. Those initiatives are generating ideas that must scale up through a fast IT infrastructure and platform. In particular, Big Data and Analytics have arrived and require intensive processing capacities to evaluate new data-driven business models at scale. This is not possible with complex IT infrastructures. Legacy systems must be to accommodate the consumer‘s need for speed and digital ecosystems in real-time. However much revenue is lost as too many concepts do not make it to the market due to the lack of development and technical integration on industrialized level. This is the reason why our clients are looking for a strategic solution provider. It is a challenge to find trusted partners to complete large-scale continuous implementation, who have strong local delivery power, cutting edge tools, methods and a deep competence to scope and are quick to deliver implementations.


Because of these client challenges the Innovation Delivery Center cooperates with a wide range of partnerships to provide the best-fit solution to customers. This allows to build key technologies like streaming solutions with real-time capability, machine learning at scale or advanced analytics with intuitive user interface that supports the decision making process.

Factory Approach

The Innovation Delivery is organized as a factory with an agile, interdisciplinary, and intercultural project environment that is part of our core principles to bring value to clients. This factory approach is divided into three phases regarding the identification of scalable ideas, building IT solutions, and operating big data platforms to enable a sustainable development of PoCs to market-ready platforms.

  • Identifying new Big Data uses cases with promising business potential
    This phase is conducted as innovation process to generate ideas up to business cases. Those cases will be transformed through the delivery of solution artifacts that prove their feasibility with the goal to build industrialized solutions in the second phase. 
  • Build industrialized solutions
    These solutions provide a scalable architecture to support data-driven business processes. It is possible to evaluate the generated value based on key performance indicators but also the evaluation of the user acceptance by deploying the pilot or productive solution. This enables the rollout and the long-term product or service platform development in the last phase of the factory approach.
  • Rollout and the long-term product or service platform development

Offerings Overview

The following figure shows the offerings overview that includes licensing products, frameworks, and managed services. The individual offerings are showing our deep Big Data expertise to overcome the market challenges based on client-specific projects.

Innovation Delivery Center – Offering Overview
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The offerings will be provided to our clients that operate in different industries such as automotive, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and insurance. We drive the digitization initiatives of digital strategy, big data platforms, autonomous driving and driving assistance, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Digital Finance, and Customer Analytics in those keymarkets.