Insight Driven Architecture with Deloitte

Empowering data-driven decision with an integrated toolchain

The structured Deloitte Insight-Driven Architecture model identifies relevant information sources in the company across organizational boundaries and establishes the connection between these data sources. This is your way to a digital representation of your business.

Deloitte’s Insight Driven Architecture approach

Managing an enterprise is a highly complex endeavor in today’s business world, and making good, informed decisions is no easy task. One sure way of improving your decision-making process is to build a virtual replica of your entire organization. This is particularly effective when it comes to assessing the risk of new technologies and their impact on current and future business success.

Despite the widespread availability of data and technology, many companies lack the necessary transparency to make quick, informed decisions in ever-shorter development cycles. In fact, it is precisely because of the increased complexity and choice overload that systems and data integration – making data available in the right place at the right time – is so vital. The time and effort it takes to access this information can mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Deloitte's Insight-Driven Architecture approach provides your executives and practitioners with the means to analyze and interpret logical relationships between individual objects and make data-driven decisions that address your enterprise’s key objectives and challenges. This approach builds on the powerful out-of-the-box integration capabilities of LeanIX and other proven technology solutions to easily integrate disparate data sources across the enterprise and deliver meaningful insights.

Publication "Integrated Toolchain"

Elevate your architecture with Deloitte’s deep experience

Our Enterprise Architecture Services range from creating a basic framework to identifying effective methods and principles that will help your business make the most of the latest technology and build more resilience to market disruptions. Whether it is about redesigning or optimizing your enterprise architecture, our expertise covers all aspects: business, information, application, and technology architecture.

You can rely on the Enterprise Architecture professionals at Deloitte to help you align your business and IT strategy, make your operations more efficient and more effective, and build the right tech stack to deliver on your business goals. We provide a roadmap for future success, outlining where you need to make changes to achieve the desired outcomes, what skills and talent you need to enable the strategy, and how to spot obstacles and pitfalls along the way. With our Enterprise Architecture Services, we empower our clients to unlock business value and make the most of the transformation imperatives of their IT investments.

Key activities include documenting the current state of the enterprise, identifying gaps and opportunities, defining a target state, and developing a transition plan to get you there. Our approach also involves setting standards and guidelines for the enterprise architecture as well as monitoring and evaluating the performance of the architecture over time. And finally, a vital part of our work is assessing your enterprise’s maturity levels and determining where you need to re/upskill to take your architecture to the next level. Enterprises of all sizes and sectors rely on our deep experience to manage complexity, cut costs, and improve agility as well as innovation by elevating their enterprise architecture across the entire organization.

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