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Assessing best in class companies in Europe

Robo-Advisors continue to be ahead of the game compared to traditional Wealth Managers. More companies keep evolving, offering digital and automated investment advice, bringing ever more variations of sophisticated Wealth and Asset Management methodology and technology to the masses. The race is on and the relatively low Assets under Management (AuM) gained so far by existing Robo-Advice start-ups show that there is significant market share up for grabs.

Europe is currently considered to be a nascent market for Robo-Advisory, but with the insights from overseas, risks for market entrants are significantly reduced. That’s probably one reason why there are so many companies offering Robo-Advice with different characteristics.

People recognize the potential, know which solution works, which features are in demand and which ones aren’t. Under these conditions, potentially strong competitors to traditional and incumbent Wealth Managers rise quickly.

Deloitte evaluated key components of B2C Robo-Advice offerings and defined a “best in class” Robo-Advisor for each category. Categories for the purpose of this ranking are the level of technological sophistication, degree of portfolio individualization, UI / UX (Online Visualization), Transparency & Ease of Use as well as the costs of the service.

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