Celonis Partner Webinar 07/2019

Learning how to experience real-time process analytics, to enable process improvements with data-driven insights and to explore your purchasing process with end-to-end-visibility.

A recent Deloitte CPO survey shows 79% of procurement leaders listing “cost reduction” as their department’s primary objective. The same survey also shows 60% of CPOs expecting new data analytics technology to have the largest impact in cutting costs. The Celonis partner webinar on 18th July 2019 was about learning how Celonis Process Mining is transforming thousands of procurement departments across the globe to become more efficient, streamline processes, limit costly errors and control direct and indirect spending.


Who is Celonis?

Celonis is a worldwide leader in business transformation software. With cutting-edge AI process mining technology, Celonis helps businesses turn processes into superfluid experiences, by providing deeper insights and clear transparency throughout all operations. The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud program allows global organizations to guide action and drive change in the operational backbone of their business, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.


Who is Deloitte`s center for Process Bionics?

The Center for Process Bionics uses state-of-the-art technology creating transparency of organically grown company processes. Process Mining enables actionable insights based on process data combined with technical and organizational measures to optimize operational processes towards strategic goals.

About the speakers

Leo Figge
Data Scientist
Senior Consultant at Deloitte

Relevant Experience:

  • 5 years of expertise in procurement optimization and outsourcing

  • Process improvement projects with cost reduction focus

  • Large-scale ERP Rollouts for once processes (OTC, PTP, FA, RTR)

Fabian Baldauf
Product Marketing Manager at Celonis

Relevant Experience:

  • 4+ years working with international clients on process transformation projects

  • Subject matter expert for Frictionless Finance at Celonis

  • Previous experience includes Siemens, Daimler, MAN and various consulting engagements

If you weren`t able to join our Celonis partner webinar personally, you have now the possibility to review the whole discussion.

The following recording contains the presentation in full length. Tune in and learn more about “Process Mining for Purchase to Pay”.

Soon there will be another interesting webinar. More information is going to follow.