Global Process Mining Survey 2021 

Delivering Value with Process Analytics – Adoption and Success Factors of Process Mining

With our Deloitte Global Process Mining Survey we address the current state of process mining adoption and deliver insights on how process mining generates value. The survey aims to identify trends and pitfalls of process mining projects, to help adopters getting on the right track in their process analytics journey, and offers valuable insights on how to generate real value add out of your initiative.

Process mining offers an innovative digital approach that combines data mining, analytics and process optimization. Supported by real data, it provides valuable, detailed insights into a company's operational and administrative processes and sheds light on where to improve them. Given the increasing relevance of this data-driven approach, we created a global survey to ask process mining practitioners and relevant decision makers if they already embarked on the process mining journey and to what extend they are currently using process mining. Furthermore, we wanted to pinpoint which value process mining has brought to companies and identify the success factors for scaling process mining.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of the respondents, namely 63%, have already started to implement process mining. But there is still room for more, as currently 87% of non-adopters are planning to conduct pilot projects or are willing to try it out with a proof of concept. 
  • 83% of companies already using process mining on a global scale plan to expand their initiatives, as do 77% of respondents that currently have island solutions and 63% of respondents that have recently launched a Proof of Concept.
  • The key expections of process mining are process improvement, transparency and cost reduction. 84% of the respondents believe that process mining delivers value. 31% of respondents say that process optimization measures (like automation) have delivered value.
  • Support processes with high efficiency but low value potential are the most common starting point of process mining. Most of the customers have started with processes that are straightforward and have highly standardized data sets. Popular starting points are purchase-to-pay and accounting processes, followed by order-to-cash and IT service management processes.

Based on our survey results we could identify that companies need specific requirements in order to have success with process mining. Here are our top five:

Top 5 Success Factors: 

  1. Cross-departmental aligment between IT and business
  2. Data Quality and Transformation
  3. Clear targets
  4. Leadership commitment 
  5. Dedicated resources availability

For further results and insights about how to scale process mining successfully check out our target operating model in our study. 

Global Process Mining Survey 2021

About the Center for Process Bionics (CPB)

Our ambition is to sustainably transform business processes. With the Process Bionics concept, Deloitte is turning process mining into a data-driven management approach. We aim to find new dynamic and sustainable ways to apply the insights gained from corporate processes and drive impactful, fact-based transformation. Our approach mimics the process of natural evolution applied to technology adoption in the area of AI/machine learning, hyperautomation and next-generation business process management. We aim at taking insight-driven process transformation to the next level by combining latest technology expertise with a human-centered, data-to-value approach.