Deloitte Center for Process Bionics: Use Cases

Learn more about the Process Mining Framework, Production Orders and P2P in the automotive industry

The Deloitte Center for Process Bionics delivers relevant use cases and utilizes best in-class tools to utilize process mining. These use cases allow to raise business value based on process mining. These are based on Deloittes process mining framework which supports efficient and sustainable development of process mining for our customers.

Process Bionics reflects the reality of business processes ‘naturally’ evolving in organizations over time and being actively changed by disruptors, like process optimization, redesign, automation and M&A. While most of today’s organizations are process driven, few have full transparency on how their workforce actually runs these processes as compared to how they were originally defined.

A common prerequisite of any approach enabling companies to stay on top of their process reality and thereby actively steer growth and speed is transparency. One of the core services the Center for Process Bionics (CPB) offers to create such transparency, is process mining. Over the years CPB has nurtured a dedicated process bionics approach toward process mining, creating reusable building blocks and a process mining framework along the way. These assets are the foundation of the Process Bionics Platform.

CPB is closely collaborating with leading research institutions to anticipate and incorporate the next steps toward a comprehensive Process Bionics portfolio: currently in focus are process simulation, process prediction, smart opportunity identification, automated process discovery and the combination of task with process mining. All these developments will find their way into the Process Bionics Platform.


How is it possible to extract raw data from IT Systems and transform it into usable data for process mining? This video shows how we at the Deloitte Center for Process Bionics solve this problem with our unique process mining framework. It allows us to extract, merge and structure data from our clients’ source systems and transform it into a data model usable in the process mining software.

Production Orders

Production orders are complex and often unstructured processes. We at the Deloitte Center for Process Bionics use process mining in order to visualize processes as a whole. After making the individual steps tangible, we can identify root causes and potentials for improvement. This video gives first insights into our methods using the example of production orders.

P2P in the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, the purchasing process is especially important due to Just-In-Time production. In this video, we take a closer look at the Purchase-to-Pay process in the automotive industry. We focus on special characteristics in this industry and show examples of common difficulties in its key dimensions: delivery time and quantity deviations.