Credit & Securitisation Advisory’s 20th anniversary

As old as securitisation in Germany itself

The Service Line Credit & Securitisation Advisory (CSA) celebrated its 20th anniversary in Düsseldorf on 14 June 2018. This presents an opportunity to look back at two successful decades.


Our Service Line was founded in 1998 as a unit within Deloitte specialising in securitisation. At the time, securitisation was in its infancy in Germany. It had previously been discussed among experts but barely put into practice. However, all that changed in 1998 and it soon became evident that this wasn’t going to be a temporary phenomenon but a sustainable development. We were on board with our initial team. Deloitte’s international Service Line Securitisation Services provided valuable help in kick-starting the undertaking. The issues involved had been routine work of, for example, our US colleagues for years but were new territory in Germany. This was probably one of the reasons why our German team was able to develop expertise so quickly and gain such a solid foothold.

We consistently widened our portfolio and added to our team. In the process, we always aimed for quality, sustainability and consistency. Over the past 20 years, where innovations were concerned, we often were approached right from the beginning and enjoyed shaping these as long as they fulfilled our above-mentioned criteria. We’ve remained faithful to our fundamental focus since 1998 to provide assurance and advisory in credit and credit (risk) transactions. And this will remain the case in future.


Today, around 40 colleagues work in our core team in the Düsseldorf and Hamburg branches alongside a further 50 colleagues from the broader team. This set-up now allows us to offer the best of both worlds: highly specialised boutique consultancy and professional handling of large and complex projects.

We’d like to thank all our clients and partners for such a productive relationship over the past 20 years and we’re looking forward to the next 20. You can count on our professionalism and passion for assurance and advisory in credit and credit (risk) transactions. If you’d like more information you can visit our website or send us an e-mail

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