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Digital Client Engagement 

the leading edge for a profitable customer relationship in German Wealth Management

Narrower margins, fiercer competition, sharpened regulation and changing customer expectations – Wealth Managers are exposed to a widespread of challenges which require new ways of client interaction, data analytics, a reshaped IT infrastructure and highly efficient processes to not miss the bus of developments currently driven by FinTechs.

Wealth Managers are challenged more than ever to become a data driven customer centric organization. The client services as well as the bottom-line has to be optimized to be prepared for the digital era. Deloitte identified necessary factors and elements every incumbent Wealth Manager needs to consider to remain relevant in the dynamic market and outpace new competitors.

The Deloitte Digital Client Engagement series

This is the first abstract of a series giving relevant Wealth Management related insights and an overview of contemporary tendencies in the German market, intended to optimize the Wealth Managers’ client services and their bottom line to prepare for the future of Wealth Management. In the face of the current omnipresence of digital disruption, Deloitte highlights the latest issues with a focus on engagement strategies in Private Banking.

The Private Banking & Wealth Management team collaborates with dedicated consultants, experts and developers that generate eloquent

Deloitte services include:

  • Market Development Analysis
  • Customer Analysis & Segmentation
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Business Strategy and Target Operation Model definition
  • Process Innovation
  • Product Leadership
  • Digital Platforms and Services
  • Applied & Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Health Checks
  • Data Security
  • Design Studios, Labs and Greenhouses
  • Collaborations with Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Analytics Institute (DAI) and neuroScience institute

As Wealth Management faces a fundamental shift in customer behavior, we support businesses for a unique customer journey and sustainable retention.

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