Two new leaders from different geographies, one goal: to further grow our Deloitte Financial Services Practice in EMEA

A new FSI leadership in the Financial Services Practice in EMEA? An evolution or a revolution?

Olivier de Groote: It is clearly an evolution. Hans-Jürgen and I are very fortunate to take over from two great Deloitte leaders, Paco Celma and Nick Sandall. Our FSI practice is well established and in great shape, with an estimated growth of approximately 10% this year. At the same time, the market is changing very rapidly and we have to accelerate to assist our clients to face the disruption ahead of them. We want to build scalable solutions faster across the region and adopt quickly – together we are stronger. On top of that, the co-leadership between Frankfurt and Brussels is the ideal opportunity to closer link the two centers of gravity for banking regulatory: we have the ECB in Frankfurt and various EU institutions in Brussels. And the timing is perfect: today, more than ever, the markets are demanding connected and highly efficient services and service providers – on domestic level, European level and even globally. This is a range that distinguishes Deloitte in a unique way, it is one of our most valuable assets.

Olivier de Groote
Olivier de Groote

What is your joint agenda?

Hans-Jürgen Walter: Our new Member Firm combination is an opportunity to accelerate, to improve our client structure and bring to scale emerging solutions and technology. We will reinforce Deloitte’s market position with sector specific, distinguished and use case driven client offerings. We will strengthen our international and multidisciplinary network and make sure that clients are aware of Deloitte’s service offerings and capabilities.

Olivier de Groote: Our sector approach is of crucial importance. The evolution of digital and regulation will accelerate disruption in both, banking and insurance. Investment management and real estate are also transforming. This is an opportunity for Deloitte to play a bigger role. And our clients are expecting it. LCSPs play the critical role in understanding client needs and serve them in unique way.

What are the advantages for our customers?

Olivier de Groote: Our market is EMEA: the vast majority of our clients operate in a couple of domestic markets in the region. For those clients, we can offer a use case driven market approach with strong alignment of market demand and service offering development. Our new EMEA FSI platform is bringing a lot of value to our clients. Customers will profit from our unmatched combination of business, regulatory and technology capabilities.

Hans-Jürgen Walter: This is right – and let me add that we want to play a key role in our domestic markets as well as in the wider EMEA market. In Germany, we set a clear signal with our decision to bundle relevant activities in Frankfurt. For example, with the “EMEA Banking Union Centre in Frankfurt (BUCF)” and the related “Deloitte CRO Club” with the CROs of all global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) in Europe, we have already established multinational and multidisciplinary platforms in Frankfurt. Furthermore, we will meet up with our current and prospective clients on a regular basis within our “Deloitte Frankfurt Brexit Forum”. This is something that our EMEA clients will certainly benefit from. We both believe in the European idea and also in the vision of a successful digital transformation of the whole banking sector.

How will the co-leadership work?

Hans-Jürgen Walter: We are perfectly aligned on the full accountability that we share for EMEA FSI. Our overarching goal focuses on strengthening the internal collaboration between our teams and within the new clusters – this will lead to a higher efficiency, which is what our customers want in times of transformation and change. Olivier and I are each bringing our distinctive experiences to the table. We are absolutely convinced that we as a team are even stronger together.

Hans-Jürgen Walter
Hans-Jürgen Walter
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