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The Deloitte Human Capital Hub – Learn & Connect offers interactive webcast sessions about Human Capital trends and hot topics. Experts will give you an update and share target specific content in a short and inspiring presentation, which provides input for further discussions. You are invited to join the discussions, share your experiences or ask the experts and community about their opinion or advice. In addition, the Human Capital Hub online portal provides additional self-study content, like articles and point of views, and gives the opportunity to stay in contact and further discuss hot topics in a virtual community.

Key Facts

  • Interactive webcasts with key note presentations about latest Human Capital trends from Deloitte experts

  • Exchange and discussions with a growing virtual community of HR professionals from all over the world

  • High-quality on demand content, such as videos, interviews and articles to deepen your knowledge


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Enabling efficient and effective HR

SAP SuccessFactors is the leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software for talent management, core HR, and HR analytics. Deloitte’s SuccessFactors practice is focused on delivering business transformation solutions by leveraging technology, streamlining HR processes, and connecting people. In our webcast we will focus on how SuccessFactors can help organizations manage effectively their human capital to drive business growth.

10th August 3.30 pm (German time)

People analytics

Gaining speed by combining HR and business data

The people analytics revolution is gaining speed. Businesses have recognized they need data to figure out what makes people join, perform well in, and stay with an organization. All of this can be directly informed by people analytics. In this webcast, we will take a closer look at the potentials of people analytics, discuss how to implement people analytic strategies and point out related challenges.

Gerhard Bader, Director
Human Resources Transformation

14th September 3.30 pm (German time)

Learning innovation

Connecting performance support and learning by new technologies

Advances in technology, shifts in demographics, and the constant competitive necessity to upgrade workforce skills are pushing companies to develop new ways to put employees in charge of the learning experience and foster a culture of learning throughout the organization. In our webcast we will focus at the big change that is a shift beyond internal programs aimed at developing people to innovative platforms that enable people to develop themselves and discuss the role of learning organizations in this context.

Stefan Weiss, Director
Organization Transformation & Talent

12th October 3.30 pm (German time)

Driving strategy by people

Managing culture & employee engagement for better business results

In an era of heightened corporate transparency, greater workforce mobility, and severe skills shortages, culture, engagement, and retention have emerged as top issues for business leaders. These issues are not simply an HR problem. In our webcast we will discuss how business culture must be defined to beat the competition in attracting top talents.

Kornelia Varga-Passarge, Manager
Organization Transformation & Talent

9th November 3.30 pm (German time)

Leadership awakened

Refocus on developing fundamental capabilities

As organizations become increasingly team-centric, the workforce becomes both younger and older, technology catalyzes faster change, and business challenges grow more global and diverse, fresh challenges in leadership development emerge. Organizations need to refocus on leadership as a whole. In our webcast we will discuss the new challenges of leadership and focus on aspects like building versatile leaders earlier in their careers, forming leadership teams that mix different generations and varieties of leaders, and developing leaders deeper in the organization.

Rens van Loon, Director
Change & Leadership

14th December 3.30 pm (German time)


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