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We firmly believe that agility, especially when it includes DevOps practices, is essential in today's business landscape. Agility is not merely part of a method, framework, or belief system to us, but a transformative mindset. We enhance outcomes for our clients by integrating DevOps principles into our approach. Our focus is on achieving Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH) by aligning DevOps practices with business goals. This synergy enables organizations to thrive in the Age of Digital, driving faster and more reliable software delivery, fostering innovation, and adapting seamlessly to changing market dynamics.

Our Transformation Approach

We work in partnership with our clients on an end-to-end transformation journey from strategy definition to execution. Our transformation approach is emergent and iterative, because we believe that old ways of thinking do not achieve new ways of working. Therefore, we cluster the required activities into three phases: Explore, Prepare, and Transform (Fig. 1).

Explore phase –“why”: With a clear case for change, we make every stakeholder understand why the transformation is needed. Moreover, we gather a powerful guiding coalition of senior executives to actively lead the transformation and help to remove high-level impediments.

Prepare phase – minimum viable operating model (MVOM): Within the prepare phase, we establish a high-level organizational design (MVOM) for the new organization. This includes a high-level mapping of the organizational structure based on value streams and a decision on the scaling framework to be used for the transformation. After establishing a shared understanding of the transformation approach and defining OKRs, our product launch journey provides the next steps.

Transform phase – product launches: In the final transform phase we transform your organization step-by-step. Product teams are launched supported by coaching and consulting from Deloitte specialists, support structures are created and impediments related to the dimensions of people, processes, organization, and technology are removed constantly. This iterates until a couple of products are launched. Once we have reached a tipping point, we will support you with lean portfolio management and lean budgeting to allow for a value orientation and a constant validation of the benefit hypothesis at scale.

Our Agile & DevOps Services

Our Deloitte Agile & DevOps services provide organizations with expert guidance on adopting and implementing their principles and practices. Together, we can unlock the full potential of Agile and DevOps for excellence in every aspect of your operations.

Strategy, Maturity & Flow

Our vision is to develop, alongside your team, a long-term and sustainable Agile & DevOps strategy with concrete actions for your transformation journey. Our customized assessments continuously evaluate your Agile & DevOps maturity. We also benchmark your performance against industry peers and/or against your desired future state maturity.

Architecture & Platform Delivery

Side by side with your team, we will work out a modern software architecture and roll out DevOps infrastructure, tools, and processes across your organization. This includes DevOps principles like shift left of security, automate as much as you can, release on demand, and create with the Ops in mind. We will furthermore focus on solving technical dependencies, implementing infrastructure as code practices, utilizing microservices, and setting up automated infrastructure deployment pipelines to improve your DevOps ecosystem on an ongoing basis.

Training & Coaching

Our Agile & DevOps Training and Coaching services provide education and hands-on training to teams and leadership, helping them acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively adopt Agile & DevOps practices. This includes workshops, seminars, and training programs tailored to your specific needs.

E2E Transformation Support

We accompany you on your entire Agile and DevOps transformation starting with your decision to begin the journey until the coaching and enablement of your future product teams. We combine the knowledge of our diverse experts for each step in the journey including defining an individual case for change, leadership coaching and development, change management and communication, organizational design, technology enablement as well as role coaching and enablement.

Agile Product Delivery

Our service around product delivery focuses on agility in the setup, management, and execution of IT delivery projects. We deliver projects in all known frameworks and in hybrid agile environments as well. Our global delivery network in particular allows us to provide a high degree of flexibility when it comes to combining nearshore or offshore delivery models. Combined with our business knowledge in several industries, coaching experience, DevOps, and knowledge of architecture, we are the partner for a seamless E2E experience in agile product delivery.

Product Management

We help you gain and sustain a competitive edge by building and scaling the product management capability within your organization. Our experts can design the operating model for your new product organization, build product management talent, and achieve excellence in the product management capabilities most relevant to your product context. Our product managers lead successful product teams in various industries, ensuring that our advice is actionable and leads to prompt and consistent improvement of your business performance.

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