How Telco Operators can improve their customer engagement with Blockchain Technology

Identity Management as a Service

Identity plays an integral part of almost all digital applications. However, most apps today still offer standalone experiences with individual login credentials. These login mechanisms increase complexity and decrease convenience for customers who are increasingly unsure about which aspects of their personal details are being processed or how their data is used. Furthermore, ID verification is often neither sufficiently secure nor error-resistant, in part due to non-standardized authentication procedures.

Using their vast infrastructure, their position as communication enablers and the further-improved Blockchain technology, telecommunication companies can provide a holistic “ID Management as a service”-offering that allows their customers to create, organize and share their identity in a transparent and compelling way.

Customers will be able to decide who is eligible to access their ID on an individual basis and for how long the information is accessible – or whether they want to share the data itself at all, given that for many use cases the fact that the information is available and endorsed might suffice.

As the ecosystem with stakeholders from multiple industries gets built (e.g. insurance companies, banks, governmental institutions, travel and transport, healthcare, to name some examples), Telcos could allow customers to identify themselves through one identity – asking for and providing the same information repeatedly will be less of an issue for both customers and companies.

Telcos could thus become overarching trust providers in the context of digital business models and Blockchain, and if done right, substantially improve customer experience and increase their engagement with their subscriber base. New revenue streams and loyalty benefits are equally within reach!

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ID Management aaS – what is the appeal?

  • Potential to position Telcos at the center of a new eco-system with competitive differentiation and a highly visible and marketable platform based on disruptive technology
  • Improved customer experience and subscriber ease of ID management through introduction of digital IDs for each customer
  • Enabling new revenue streams and generate loyalty benefits by providing identity, authentication and verification as well as data management solutions to partners and customers
  • Reduction in identity fraud as input of identity data is verified by trusted parties and secured through Blockchain technology (immutable and transparent)

Our clickable prototype “IDxC by Deloitte” shows how an ID-App works. You can navigate through the app intuitively, and imagine and ‘experience’ future ID services for your customers. Contact us for further information about the prototype and a live demo.

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After your registration with personal data in the app, you upload legal documents to prove your identity. Verify such documents by selecting a suggested institution and transmitting files for verification. Choose what verified data or documents you want to share and with whom.

We use state of the art encryption for all client data that is shared. The system is backed by a distributed Blockchain network, adding a second layer of security and enabling case- by- case flexibility as to who can see your data and for how long.

Are you interested? Have a look at our Video and get in touch to discuss how IDxC could benefit your organization!

Identity Management as a Service

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