Deloitte Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Deloitte Workshop AI & Machine Learning

Unlocking the value of your data

Everyone is talking about "Artificial Intelligence" - but what does it really mean? The Deloitte workshop “AI & Machine Learning” sheds light on the current capabilities and limitations of AI technology.

Deloitte Workshop AI & Machine Learning

The Location – Business not as usual

The workshop takes place in the Deloitte Greenhouse, a unique physical space that takes the participants out of their usual environments. The Greenhouse concept combines innovative technologies and new forms of collaboration to disrupt conventional thinking and spur creativity.

The Content – From theory to practice

We start from scratch discussing the background of the technology, classifying the existing types of AI and Machine Learning and exploring the potential of AI to change the way we work and live. Deep dives into specific AI platforms, real-life use cases and application examples then lay the foundation for analyzing the practical implications of AI for the client.

The Participants – Building an ecosystem

We believe that cutting-edge technologies such as AI can only be leveraged in a network of peers. That is why along with international AI and data science experts from Deloitte, we invite academic guest speakers and different AI start-ups to provide their perspectives on AI and Machine Learning.

Please feel free to get in touch with Nicolai Andersen and Thomas Klingspor for more information about the workshop.