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We are innovators & entrepreneurs by heart. We help explore and build the business of tomorrow, today – with a positive impact on people, planet and profit.

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The Deloitte Garage comprises the different units Innovation &
, Institutes & Incubation and Products & Assets.

Below you will find a brief overview of the activities of our service
areas, current vacancies and testimonials from our colleagues.

Innovation & Venture

Innovation & Ventures is a multi-disciplinary group of inventors, innovators & entrepreneurs who build and launch transformative digital products & ventures for the long-term value of our clients. We are a cross-business team of innovators & entrepreneurs helping explore and build the business of tomorrow with the speed of a startup.

Institutes & Incubation

We discover trends, incubate transformational products and services and setup organizational structures that enable us and our clients to become an innovation leader. We are the innovation residencies – able to move quickly, work with a large amount of uncertainty, and avoid getting bogged down in minutiae. 

Products & Assets

The future of consulting entails a hybrid model where employees are enabled by intelligent software solutions to achieve best possible results. We are IT experts, developers, architects & creators. Ready to identify optimization processes and scale business.

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