Customer preference analysis with neuroscience


Customer Preference Analysis

Gain unique insights about what customers associate with your brand and what expectations they have on your future offering

It is difficult to prioritize the upcoming features for your offering when your head is full of ideas. Also pursuing a customer-centric approach is not as easy as expected when customers do not know yet which features they will value in the future. Therefore, we have developed a service to understand today the implicit preferences and expectations of customers on your future offering that enables you to tailor your product or service to specific target customer segment.

What’s in it for you

With the help of the Deloitte Neursocience Institute you will be able to

  • Understand what customers currently value on your offering and what they dislike or simply do not use
  • Prioritize your feature backlog based on implicit user-sided preferences
  • Identify future design elements associated with specific brand values and customer perceptions
  • Adjust communication of new concepts to reach users effectively
  • Increase adoption success by developing effective and user-centered solutions

How we do it

In order to provide you with insights on customer preferences, we measure the attractiveness of your current design and the customers’ habits when interacting with it. We also compare different design alternatives in the form of A/B testings and measure the implicit acceptance and customers’ emotive response to potential new concepts. Then, we discuss our findings with Deloitte industry experts to derive the actionable recommendations that you can implement directly in your product development or R&D strategy.

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Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Lead Health Care Payer & Head Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel ist Partner in der Industrie Life Sciences & Health Care sowie Leiter des Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI). Als approbierter und ehemals klinisch-tätiger Arzt und Hirn... Mehr