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Digital Ventures

Digital Strategy & Business Building

At Deloitte Digital Ventures, we help our clients identify and realize new revenue potential through business building and corporate innovation initiatives. We couple structured approaches with a hands-on mentality to build new digital ventures and strategies that are lean, sustainable and impactful.

Digital Strategy

Strong digital strategy starts with leadership. Through our digital strategy offerings, we ensure our clients’ leaders are prepared to face the challenges of an ever-increasing digital world and achieve the vast potential upside.

While every challenge is different, our experienced digital strategists and functional experts will apply structured yet innovative approaches to make validated and executable recommendations for topics of high strategic and digital importance at your company.

Whether it be through an expert workshop series, digital maturity assessment, design thinking or market analysis we will tailor an approach that best addresses your leadership’s digital imperatives.


  • Leadership alignment
  • Digital visions and strategies
  • Execution roadmaps


(Digital) Operating Models & Accelerators

We help our clients embed leading-edge methodologies and best practices to operate like digital organizations with sustainable innovation practices.

By applying our entrepreneurial- and investor-driven mindsets, we help our clients enhance existing business units or build new digital organizations and units from scratch. Here, we balance key assets to leverage from the core organization with lean, agile and novel solutions.

Having built a number of new digital units and accelerators for Europe’s largest firms, we are able to apply industry and functional learnings to all client needs. Whatever the industry, we build new units that both measure and generate real data and economic value.


  • Digital culture
  • New units and accelerators
  • Corporate venturing


Business Building

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and digital strategists confidently leading many corporate clients through the journey of building new digital ventures and products.

Combining our experience from the start-up and venture capital world with the support of the world’s largest professional services firm, we are perfectly equipped to identify transformative and disruptive business opportunities, and then build and operate the subsequent concepts.

Along the journey, we assist our clients with strategic, operational and product management expertise and provide interim management of key positions until the new venture reaches its goal of be self-sufficient. We then assist our clients to transfer the new venture, be that as an exit or integration back into the core organization.

In our experience, business building provides a number of diverse benefits to corporate clients that extend beyond simply new generating new revenue streams. Indeed, we help our clients use new ventures as a vehicle for corporate change, organizational experimentation, brand and employer positioning, and data generation.


  • New companies and startups
  • Digital products and services
  • Digital ecosystems

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Matin Ebrahimchel

Matin Ebrahimchel

Managing Director | Deloitte Digital GmbH, Innovation & Ventures

Matin ist Geschäftsführer der Deloitte Digital GmbH und verfügt über mehr als 17 Jahre Erfahrung in unterschiedlichen Industrien. Bis 09/2020 war er als Gründer und CEO einer GmbH bei einem Automobilh... Mehr

Andrew Goldstein

Andrew Goldstein

Managing Director | Deloitte Digital GmbH

Andy Goldstein, Serial Entrepreneur & Business Angel, ist Partner im Bereich Consulting und Managing Director der Deloitte Digital GmbH. Als Mitgründer und Director der Social Entrepreneurship Akademi... Mehr