Human Interaction

Understand human motivation and needs in interactions, both with one another and with computers, to create personable and pleasant interactions and work environments

What´s in it for you?
  • Develop effective leaders by supporting suitable decision-making and communication styles 
  • Understand effectiveness of human-computer interaction by evaluating both attention and motivation levels and related variations as well as memory formation
  • Guide change management by defining adequate positive reinforcers (e.g. nudging)
  • Identify corporate or cultural values and their influence on employees and society


How we do it:
  • Monitor people’s attentional and motivation levels to achieve desired effect
  • Devise positive reinforcement to guide people’s behavior


Our related methods:


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Dr. Nadine Galandi

Dr. Nadine Galandi

Head of Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Nadine is a Senior Manager in Deloitte's "The Garage", leading the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute. She is responsible for leveraging neuroscience for consulting and the development of new service off... Mehr