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Enhance key message delivery and effectiveness of communication by monitoring emotional response to and engagement with specific elements of materials and decision-making processes – both in the lab and in the real environment

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand the emotional responses that are triggered by advertisement messages
  • Reveal customers’ conscious and unconscious brand perception
  • Explore influence of marketing message as sales driver
  • Understand how customers perceive products in diverse environments (e.g. store versus e-commerce platform)
  • Potential applications: In-Store and Point-of-Sale (PoS), videos, infomercials, brochures, flyers, online & offline ads

How we do it:
  • Measure attention, engagement and motivation as well as distraction levels to create memorable message
  • Determine focus points and related facial expressions towards communication and design to create balanced emotional perception
  • Monitor physiological arousal or excitement to be consistent with marketing message


Our related methods:


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Neuroscience Institute

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Dr. Nadine Galandi

Dr. Nadine Galandi

Head of Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Nadine is a Senior Manager in Deloitte's "The Garage", leading the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute. She is responsible for leveraging neuroscience for consulting and the development of new service off... Mehr