The Tokenization Testbed Program

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Asset tokenization, underpinned by blockchain infrastructure, is already transforming what is forecasted to be a trillion-dollar industry. From traditional financial assets such as bonds and shares to commodities, real estate, fleets of vehicles, art or sports teams - nearly every asset can be tokenized. The Tokenization Testbed Program by Deloitte and RIDDLE&CODE helps you take full advantage of the transformational opportunities of this new technology.

Deloitte and RIDDLE&CODE, Europe’s leading blockchain interface solutions provider, share a common vision about the importance of secure identity solutions and the effectivity of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and how to best launch tomorrow’s industry-grade infrastructure in a rapidly changing digital economy. We therefore decided to launch the Tokenization Testbed Program to share our analysis learnings with industry leaders. Our goal is to provide all the necessary theoretical know-how and practical testbed experience to help you form a vision for your future tokenization approach and understand how to adapt these tools to your needs.


The Tokenization Testbed Program

The transformational impact of Tokenization

Tokenized assets have a wide range of benefits:

  • Added economic value creation
  • Greater liquidity for many assets
  • They are more accessible and transferrable 
  • They can help create new business models across industries

Now is the perfect time to get involved with this emerging business landscape. Regulatory frameworks are slowly but surely coming into place. A number of companies are already working on a wide variety of promising projects.Ships, bonds, restaurant chains - several assets have been issued as digital securities on blockchains already, and almost all central banks and several big corporates are working on digital and ‘programmable’ money.

Introducing the Tokenization Testbed Program

Within the program we will provide you with a tokenization Launchpad to confidently dive into the token economy. You’ll understand all the nuances of regulatory frameworks, be prepared forconsortial business structures and explore new ways of financing your inventory.

The Tokenization Testbed Program Flyer


Bring your internal teams along for multi-disciplinary collaboration

Learn, discuss and explore new business models with your peers, within and outside your industry


With the Tokenization Testbed Program you will:

  • Gain 360° technical and regulatory understanding of tokenization 
  • Learn from industry-leading expertsIssue your own test token that complies with technical, business and regulatory frameworks

From drafting the right strategy to applying tokenization to a specific use case, all participants will receive expert guidance and are exposed to all the relevant operational and technical building block.


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