Health and Wellness Progress Report 2016


The Consumer Goods Forum

Health & Wellness Progress Report 2016

Consumer health and wellness is a complex issue because of the many regional, cultural, and socio-economic factors involved, and it requires a systemic, sustained portfolio of initiatives, delivered at scale to address it.

The journey

This third report provides up-to-date information to help us understand the progress we are making toward positively affecting consumer health and wellness on a global scale. The issue is enormous, and each report should be considered as a point in time on a five-year journey. As the survey results show, progress has been made in a number of areas over the last year. While challenges remain, the good momentum we are building will help us move forward and address them. This Health & Wellness survey is one tool we have to help share what we have learned and how we can improve.

Given the global, multi-faceted nature of the problem, our approach is aligned with two of the world’s most significant non-industry bodies: the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Health & Wellness Pillar supports the WHO Action Plan, while the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an overall framework for action. Two UN goals in particular – improving nutrition and ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing – clearly align with our Health & Wellness Pillar. This report shows our efforts to bring these goals into a business context, developing solutions and tools to help companies implement actions that positively affect consumer health and wellness.

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