Global Defense Outlook 2014


Global Defense Outlook 2014

Adapt, collaborate, and invest

Die weltweiten Verteidigungs- und Rüstungsausgaben weiter werden steigen – aber (fast) nur in aufstrebenden Ländern. In wohlhabenden Staaten sind sie hingegen rückläufig. Letztere stehen durch die Staatsdefizite unter massivem Sparzwang, während aufstrebende Staaten häufig ein größeres Wachstum vorweisen können – und dies für Investitionen in Rüstung nutzen.


The  Global Defense Outlook 2014 provides insights from the analysis of publicly-available information and interviews with officials in government and industry by Deloitte’s global network of defense-oriented professionals. The report examines current policies, practices, and trends affecting the defense ministries of 50 nations whose total publicly-acknowledged spending on national defense accounts for more than 92% of global defense outlays. The findings show that adaptation, collaboration, and investment are the top-priority defense management strategies at mid-decade:

Adapt:  Economics and Shifting Threats Drive Defense Spending

The military strategies and investments of the next decade are driven by changed economic realities and new security fundamentals – and the advantage will lie with defense establishments best able to adapt.

Collaborate: New Partnerships Emerge for Security and Economic Development

Recognizing opportunities for mutual benefit, and converting these opportunities into working relationships is a competitive advantage for defense ministries.

Invest: Ministries Defend Procurement Budgets to Maintain Capability

Defense capital budgets are under pressure, and defense ministries are making substantial efforts to sustain essential investments.

Download the full report to learn how the new strategic realities of terrorism and cyber threats enable – and demand – adaptation, collaboration and investment.

Read the latest from the Deloitte Global Perspectives blog to gain more insights on trends in defense spending from Jack Midgley, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and author of the report.

Report Global Defense Outlook 2014
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