REflexions: Real Estate Management Trends

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Die Welt der Immobilien entwickelt sich ständig weiter. Mit unserer Publikationsreihe REflexions informieren wir Sie über die aktuellen Trends im Bereich Real Estate Management. Von Interviews mit Kunden bis hin zu Experten-Artikeln, die sich mit den wandelnden Herausforderungen der Branche beschäftigen. Lesen Sie hier alle Ausgaben von REflexions.

REflexions - Issue 9

To the outside world, real estate is generally perceived as the buildings we live, work, shop and socialize in; to us experts, it is so much more—it is a complicated and specialized industry that drives change and pushes us beyond the standard perception of four walls and a roof.

In this issue:

  • Operations transformation: Setting the course for the future
  • Digital twinning in real estate: Humanizing buildings with Industry 4.0
  • ATAD II: Ringing in the changes
  • Real estate predictions 2019: A constructive view on real estate
  • Infrastructure fund structuring: new rules for a (not so) old game
  • Take the wheel: How CRE can prepare for the implications of driverless vehicles
REflexions - Issue 9

REflexions - Issue 8

Die Welt der Immobilien entwickelt sich ständig weiter

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer achten Ausgabe:

  • Real Estate Investment Management Sector 
  • 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook 
  • Spotlight on China’s Property Market 
  • Independent Non-Executive Directors in real estate 
  • Co-Working
  • Major changes on the way in the UK
REflexions - Issue 8

REflexions - Issue 7

Real Estate in 2018

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer siebten Ausgabe:

  • Transforming real estate operations
  • Interview: Digital transformation
  • Real estate M&A activity in Europe
  • On the rise - portugese real estate investement survey
  • Focus on Luxembourg
  • Special supplement: Real Estate top priorities 2018 (poster)

REflexions - Issue 7

REflexions - Issue 6

Real Estate - November 2017

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer sechsten Ausgabe:

  • Focus on real estate debt
  • Brexit and the real estate market
  • How Europeans live and what it costs them
  • The MLI and the share deal
  • Infrastructure in Australia
REflexions - Issue 6

REflexions - Issue 5

Real Estate - May 2017

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer fünften Ausgabe:

  • The 2017 real estate outlook in the United States
  • Future-proofing real estate - potential of blockchain
  • How BEPS will affect cross-border real estate investment
  • Sharde and self-driving cars - A game changer in real estate and area development?
  • MIPIM17 - When geopolitical uncertainty meets the digital revolution
  • A positive outlook for Spain’s shopping center segment
REflexions - Issue 5

REflexions - Issue 4

Real Estate - October 2016

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer vierten Ausgabe:

  • Leadership in a changing landscape
  • The Long Goodbye - UK investment in Brexit's wake
  • Is the real estate industry equipped to face the prevailing market and IT challenges?
  • B - REIF
  • Tax in a Time of Uncertainty
  • Smart buildings
REflexions - Issue 4

REflexions - Issue 3

Real Estate - April 2016

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer dritten Ausgabe:

  • Exploring new shores - Ardian real estate
  • The Italian real estate market
  • Continental shift - The evolution of the European investment market
  • New alternative investment vehicles rising - RAIF and ICAV
  • Commercial Real Estate Redefined
  • Opportunities ahead - Interview with Ismael Clemente
REflexions - Issue 3

REflexions - Issue 2

Real Estate - October 2015

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer zweiten Ausgabe:

  • Spain - Spotlight on the real estate market
  • Capital flows from Asia into European real estate
  • Future of work
  • Real estate - Real Estate: Enabler or constraint?
  • Deloitte Property Index 2015 - Overview of European residential markets
  • BEPS implications for the real estate investment industry
  • Deloitte 2015 European real estate investment management survey
  • The Canadian perspective - Retail landscape transformation
REflexions - Issue 2

REflexions Magazin - Issue 1

Real Estate - April 2015

Folgende Artikel finden Sie in unserer ersten Ausgabe:

  • The UK real estate market in the spotlight
  • The real estate investment management industry
  • Risk management in real estate
  • Towards a mainstream-like operating model for the real estate industry
  • The new way to sell alternative investment funds
  • The real estate investment industry in the face of BEPS



REflexions - Issue 1