Future of Robo Advisory


Robo-Advisory — The Future of this Disruptive Trend in Asset Management

At our “Future of Robo-Advisory” event in Frankfurt, we discussed both the potential and the limitations of Robo-Advisors with leading companies in the banking and asset management industry. Here you can find information about the event and our services.

What is the future of Robo-Advisory?

Robo-Advisors have already demonstrated spectacular growth in the US and UK markets. In Germany and other countries in continental Europe, these systems are attracting increasing interest and have  begun a period of explosive growth. The development of Robo-Advisors in Europe is now at a critical phase characterized by great potential yet with considerable uncertainty.

The future development of the Robo-Advisors depends on the complex interplay of three dimensions:

  1. Algorithmic methodology and technology
  2. Regulatory requirements
  3. Business considerations

At our “Future of Robo-Advisory” event, we linked these three important dimensions and covered them with presentations from innovators and industry-leading companies.

The highlights of the event

Our service offerings

With this conference, Deloitte provided a platform for exchange on Robo-Advisory as an digital disruptive trend in asset management.

As a leading consultancy in Robo-Advisory, Deloitte can demonstrate an extensive range of knowledge and a portfolio of successful projects. Deloitte offers comprehensive and leading edge solutions in these three areas:

1. Robo-Advisory

  • Testing, modeling and validation
  • Implementation and software design
  • Preliminary studies and testing
  • Digital and quantitive solutions solutions to regulatory issues

2. Quantitative asset management

  • Development of tools for asset managers
  • Modeling, validation and implementation
  • Preliminary studies and testing

3. Quantitative analysis for investment accounts

  • Returns forecasts and simultation tools
  • Instrument-universe analysis (e.g. ETFs) and performance analysis
  • Digital and quantitative solutions to regulatory issues

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