GDPR update: Wrapping up the Top Ten and looking forward


DSGVO Update: Die Top Ten im Überblick und Ausblick

Ein Rückblick auf unsere Top-Ten-Serie und ein Ausblick auf das, was noch kommen wird

Jetzt, wo wir am Ende unserer Top 10 DSGVO-Serie stehen, werden wir kurz auf das zurückkommen, was in den letzten Monaten diskutiert wurde, und wir werden Ihnen einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das geben, was noch kommen wird.

In our Top Ten Series we highlighted ten subjects under the GDPR and elaborated on them to give you a good general basic understanding of those subjects. Now that we have come to the end of our first GDPR series it is time look back but also see what is still to come.

We are thankful to you, our loyal reader, for engaging in our blog series. We would like to give you some insights on the topics that were read the most. In general, publications that give you an overview of what is expected to change received the most views. Also our GDPR vision and approach is one of our most viewed pages. We are continuously improving our approach and developing new services to become an even better partner for all your GDPR and privacy related challenges. If you would like to stay informed on new developments concerning our services, please check out our webpage.

Top three subjects

With regard to the GDPR top ten series, the top three subjects that you read most were: #3 Privacy by design and by default, #2 Pseudonymization and its use in profiling and #1 One stop shop. Missed a blog? Don’t worry, just go to the GDPR page to be directed to all the blogs.

If you have visited this webpage you will have surely noticed that we have not only been providing blogs on subjects, but that some of our team members have gone on camera to talk to you about the GDPR in our vlogs. We explain what personal data is and how you can use it, how privacy can be a business enabler and how to balance risk and opportunity. Take a few minutes to watch our Privacy vlogs and learn more about how to address GDPR requirements in your business or organization. 

Sneak peek

So, let’s take a sneak peek into what is yet to come in our GDPR campaign, because the Top Ten Series and the vlogs were just the beginning. During the course of this year we will continue to update you on GDPR related subjects. You can automatically receive an update by registering for our montly GDPR email update. At the beginning of the summer we will treat you to a trilogy on international transfers of personal data under the GDPR. This will be followed by a number of blogs that are industry specific and that inform you on the impact of the GDPR on a specific industry. In the second half of this year we will look at six steps to be taken towards becoming GDPR compliant, you don’t want to miss that.

Besides providing you with online content, we also believe meeting face-to-face has great value. We organize events throughout the year to get together and talk about specific GDPR subjects. We also have events specifically catering to a certain industry or to certain professionals. To receive more information about events, registration and dates you can register for our montly GDPR update.

Your questions or remarks

If you have any additions to our blogs, vlogs, website or events, please reach out to us.