Leverage the full potential of Artificial Intelligence

With the aiStudio, Deloitte gives you an edge over your competition, improving performance and opening up new markets
Leverage the full potential of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Imperative

Using Artificial Intelligence is no longer a competitive advantage - it is critical for competitive survival. The pace of change is ever faster, volumes of data ever greater, competition ever fiercer. To stay ahead, businesses must harvest of one of their most prized assets: information. The problem begins when information becomes so voluminous and complex, that it blinds instead of helping us to see. Which data is useful? Redundant? Reliable? AI technologies are purpose-built for big data. They provide us sophisticated tools to harness, rather than be overwhelmed, by the flood of information.


The aiStudio

Deloitte’s aiStudio is an incubator for development of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2018, the aiStudio unites top talent from around the globe on a mission to solve today's business challenges through clever application of AI technologies. It was carefully designed to capitalize on Deloitte’s strengths – and to combine them with the bold vision and scrappy tenacity of a start-up. Innovation thrives in its international, collaborative and agile environment. The team is driven by a shared sense of purpose, a passion for AI, and intense project focus… materializing in a rapidly growing portfolio of eye-opening solutions for Deloitte’s clients.

David Thogmartin

aiStudio Leader, Deloitte Germany

“Artificial Intelligence is not future technology, it is here, it is now. After 50+ years of research and experimentation, AI - especially deep learning – is being applied everywhere, changing our lives. AI is a powerful tool. It can be a force for good – enabling unprecedented levels of productivity, accuracy, personalization and comfort. It can also be used to facilitate or conceal criminal activity. We will want to reap the rewards and defend against the risks. It is a fascinating and unstoppable future, a future that we cannot ignore, but can actively shape.”

Andreas Knäbchen

MRS Leader Germany

“The aiStudio is a bold move to do things differently. Within the first 6 month rotation it has shown remarkable results, delivering solutions that have immediate impact.”

Deloitte AI insight


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