Leverage the full potential of Artificial Intelligence

With the aiStudio, Deloitte gives you an edge over your competition, improving performance and opening up new markets
About the aiStudio

With the aiStudio, Deloitte enables clients to harvest their data and gain valuable insights to their overall markets, individual customers and own operations. Knowledge is power, and knowledge delivered quickly, even more so. This gives clients an edge over their competition, improving performance and opening up new markets.

The aiStudio builds solutions based on cutting-edge machine learning technologies. While the focus is mostly on Risk Management applications, the aiStudio can and does deliver, also with applications aiming to cut cost, improve quality, and speed operations. Typical solutions span from managing risk (or process) using advanced AI techniques... through to managing new risks inherent AI (addressing naïve implementations of AI).

Clients benefit from the intense focus, concentration of knowledge, and yet continued “lifeline” to active projects that strike the perfect balance between R&D and pragmatic implementation. The aiStudio is a cost-effective way to bring fresh ideas and novel approaches to fruition, enabling Deloitte to compete with dedicated specialists on the technology side, while adding the unique ingredients of Deloitte expertise and project experience.

The aiStudio is an incubator unlike any other. It blends creativity with critical mass, purpose (for clients!) with passion (for AI and the new possibilities it brings). It achieves this through international collaboration across multiple Deloitte geographies worldwide, bringing the best and brightest together to show what Deloitte can do – as one. The many creative and demanding sponsors create a lively business model that is not always easy to manage, but is highly effective, as the results show.

The solutions featured below show where we have focused to date. More than that, they bear testament to a wide range of applications of various AI technologies... and to the capabilities of the team. We hope you enjoy exploring our work and look forward to hearing from you!

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David Thogmartin

aiStudio Leader, Deloitte Germany

“Artificial Intelligence is not future technology, it is here, it is now. After 50+ years of research and experimentation, AI - especially deep learning – is being applied everywhere, changing our lives. AI is a powerful tool. It can be a force for good – enabling unprecedented levels of productivity, accuracy, personalization and comfort. It can also be used to facilitate or conceal criminal activity. We will want to reap the rewards and defend against the risks. It is a fascinating and unstoppable future, a future that we cannot ignore, but can actively shape.”


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