Red Teaming as a Service

Red Teaming is the systematic application of analysis techniques from the perspective of an attacker.

The Red Team’s mission is to continuously increase the resilience of your organization against sophisticated attacks. By acting from a hostile perspective, we uncover digital, physical and social vulnerabilities and challenge your executives’ and employees’ ability to react under real conditions. This approach enables us to develop and facilitate individual, effective security trainings for your company. Deloitte Red Team Services help you to evaluate threats, protect your assets and respond appropriately to real attacks.

Learn more about our Red Team Services in the adjacent brochure "Improving Organizational Resilience"

Red Team Service Elements

Click through the infographic to learn more about the four elements of our Red Team Services and how they can help you.

Intel Service

For a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s risk landscape we are constantly consolidating and analyzing relevant data from various sources. Regular intelligence reports provide situational awareness and an early warning for potential future attacks.

War Games

War Games are interactive simulations based on a realistic attack scenario. Within a War Game we challenge the defensive and decision-making capabilities of both the organization’s security team and leadership, ultimately evaluating the robustness of your preventive and reactive security mechanisms under real conditions.

Red Team Tests

In our Red Team Tests, we simulate a realistic adversarial attack against an organization. We seek to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and demonstrate how this could harm business-critical assets. The purpose of a Red Team Test is to assess the resilience of an organization.

Resilience Training

Our mission is to continuously improve your organization's resilience. Based on findings of our assessments and intelligence analysis, we design and deliver a bespoke training program to strengthen your security organization (the "Blue Team") in order to eliminate uncovered vulnerabilities before it's too late.

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Ralph Noll

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