Future of Blockchain

Read the following lines very carefully. Do you know about the blockchain? The blockchain is a secure digital record of transactions – or in other words: the internet transmits information. The blockchain transfers ownership. It’s going to change the world.

What are plausible scenarios for the future?

Scenario 1: Survival of the Biggest

In this world, blockchain is a complete success. But perhaps not quite in the way that one or two romantics might have dreamt. Blockchains are quicker, safer, and more flexible than everything that came before.

Scenario 2: Niche evolution

Blockchain – what was that again? After the  hype, this storm in a teacup blew over quickly. Do you remember the hysterical debate about trust in the system? Black sheep in the finance industry, corruption and constant economic crises?

Scenario 3: The one-eyed in the kingdom of the blind

Blockchain flopped magnificently. A billion-dollar Bermuda Triangle. Massive problems with security and speed. Hacker attacks. And all this even though conditions didn’t look too bad at all… in the beginning .

Scenario 4: Blockcracy

Blockchain – a gift to the world! The invention of electricity – very convenient. The internal combustion engine? Brought us closer together. The Internet? The birth of the information society. Blockchain? The dawn of a completely new age. And we’d almost given up hoping for a fairer world.


Whatever it looks like – the future is yours to manage! 

Future of Blockchain (EN)

It is your choice now: Do you trust me and I will provide you with all information needed to be prepared or will you close your eyes and ignore the truth?

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