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Urban Solutions Tool

Quantitative global scenario development of market potentials

The quantitative “Urban Solutions Tool” will depict possible scenarios across all relevant mobility services worldwide in 2035, based on fundamental global trends.

Urban Solutions Tool - from now until 2035


Until 2040, the world will grow by the size of China on top of our current population. This means that 1.4bn people will be travelling every day. By then, two thirds of the global population will be living in urban environments, making these the largest mobility hubs on our planet.

Global trends for autonomous drive and connected vehicles enable multiple new modes of transportation. However, it is hard to predict the future of urban mobility, yet.

That is why Deloitte developed the Urban Solutions Tool.

Our tool provides the optimal way to solve different customers’ needs by modelling the future as accurately as possible and by giving the best insights into future urban mobility markets. An individual market model can be derived

  • including market volume and vehicle number calculations of 20 core mobility services
  • for more than 3600 cities worldwide
  • with additional services such as parking and charging
  • until the year 2035

Urban Solutions Simulation

Exemplary data outputs

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