Navigate – Monitor change and ensure continuous relevance of strategy

Each scenario has distinct business implications and strategic calls to action. It is vital, therefore, to observe these future variables and monitor which scenario materializes over time in order to determine the necessary actions

Once the client and our team have developed four plausible future scenarios and defined a dynamic strategy for our client, it is vital to monitor the strategy and external changes on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous relevance of the strategy. By applying state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence expertise, we have developed the holistic monitoring tool, Gnosis. Gnosis enables us to revolutionize strategy definition and evolve from trend-sensing to sense-making by pairing a strategic, scenario-based long-term view with tactical, near-term market data analysis.

The key to a robust but dynamic strategy is the ability to observe developments in real time and ascertain which of the identified scenarios is more likely to materialize over time. This will enable enterprises to recognize relevant changes in society, technology, politics, economy and regulation and to quickly take any necessary actions. However, as information becomes more complex and more abundant, it can be difficult to capture and analyze all of the relevant trends and harness them for informed decision-making. On the one hand, informed decisions require a comprehensive analysis of information across a range of different dimensions. Our clients’ businesses face disrupting forces from a vast number of internal and external market changes and developments – from new players entering the market to major technological advances – and they have to be prepared to confront multi-faceted challenges. On the other hand, relevant market signals are hidden in a sheer endless number of information sources. Each news item, journal article or M&A deal represents a valuable piece of the bigger picture, which has to be taken into account in strategic decision-making and strategy definition. That makes it virtually impossible for our clients to stay up-to-date using conventional analyses, unless they are willing to employ a massive number of expensive research analysts.

To confront the challenges of information overload and decision uncertainty, Deloitte has developed Gnosis – a web-based decision support platform that combines AI-powered indicator monitoring with the Center for the Long View’s scenario methodology. Gnosis, which is readily available on the PC, tablet or smartphone, gives our clients powerful analytical capabilities at their fingertips. Each Gnosis is tailored to the specific strategic questions of the client and uses Artificial Intelligence to continuously monitor and assess individually defined indicators.

Illustrative example of indicator-based scenario monitoring

With each indicator, Gnosis automatically scans the knowledge landscape to provide a global, holistic, up-to-date and unbiased perspective on business environments and their evolution as well as the relevant future variables (see Figure 1).

Gnosis helps decision-makers focus on the core assumptions that underpin their strategic choices. Over time, Gnosis will keep track of these uncertainties, detect any significant changes and developments that arise and provide insight on which strategic choices are more valid.

The raw analytical abilities of Gnosis have the power to replace an entire team of restless analysts and give decision-makers the support they need with objective, thorough market intelligence. The Dynamic Strategy Approach provides a solid framework for a responsive, easy to understand and yet powerful user interface. Gnosis follows a strict glass-box approach: though it is based on state-of the-art Artificial Intelligence, users can easily trace and understand all of its conclusions. From the ability to objectively perceive the holistic big picture to gaining deep specific insights, Gnosis is disrupting the strategic decision-making space. Never before have decision-makers been better equipped to make such informed, objective, fast and actionable decisions.

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Dr. Frank Becker

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Dr. Florian Klein

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