Dynamic Strategy Approach

Scenario planning in strategic thinking supported by Artificial Intelligence

By combining scenario-based strategic thinking with Artificial Intelligence (AI), we empower decision-makers to perceive trends in the market environment, anticipate changing market dynamics, build future-proof strategies, and navigate an uncertain future, while keeping the strategy up to date.

Our Dynamic Strategy approach combines scenario planning, strategic thinking with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help decision-makers define future-proof strategies. Based on our well-established methodology, we tailor our approach to the specific needs and circumstances of the client and empower decision-makers to cut through the complexity, embrace the uncertainty and be the first to identify and respond to market developments.

Taking the long view

Every day, decision-makers are called on to make long-term choices that have a lasting impact. And yet, it has never been harder for decision-makers to take the long view in to consideration. SMEs, large corporations and public institutions alike are faced with an increasingly volatile and uncertain business environment. Information overload and the unpredictable macroeconomic climate add to the complexity, putting decision-makers at risk of ambiguous interpretations. While a conventional approach to strategy definition and strategy planning may lead to a conventional and often predictable response, the approach based on scenario planning challenges assumptions and provides organizations with more options for a holistic and future-proof decision-making process.

Even more challenging is the human tendency towards bounded rationality, with a strong focus on an insider perspective and more static thinking. Relying on the objectivity of Artificial Intelligence can help us take a broader view and overcome human limitations.

Based on four guiding principles, the Dynamic Strategy approach assists decision-makers in taking informed and thoughtful decisions that will also stand the test of time:

  • Think outside in…
    Enable clients to review their current situation from an outside-in perspective
  • Zoom-out/zoom-in…
    Vary the vantage point to dynamically improve clients’ strategic options
  • Embrace uncertainty…
    Consider and understand the driving forces relevant to the future of the client’s enterprise
  • Combine objectivity with intuition…
    Stay ahead of the game by pairing the latest AI tools with best-in-class scenario practitioners

The scenario-based Dynamic Strategy approach combines human intuition and expertise with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence: 

The Dynamic Strategy Approach consists of three essential interdependent building blocks.

  • Perceive – Understand your market and competitors 
  • Anticipate – Build a future-proof strategy
  • Navigate – Keep your strategy up to date


Learn more about each step of the Dynamic Strategy Approach here.

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Dr. Florian Klein

Dr. Florian Klein

Director | Strategy & Business Design

Dr. Florian Klein is an advisor, corporate strategist and futures thinker with extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and ... Mehr

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich

Senior Manager | Monitor Deloitte

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Dr. Frank Becker

Senior Manager

Dr. Frank Becker ist Senior Manager im Bereich Strategy und Innovation bei Deloitte Deutschland. Darüber hinaus leitet er das "Gnosis" Team für die Entwicklung von Produkten zur Entscheidungsunterstüt... Mehr